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#1 FitIn: Bringing fitness and community members together

FitIn is a website that connects people with all kinds of fitness classes all over town. You can search from 1,000 class listings (we even have personal trainers, too!) and find the right class in the right place at the right time in mere MINUTES. 

Through your dashboard, you can track which classes you've been to, and search more for new experiences or to find the right kind of exercise for you, your body and your goals. 

Contributor: Catherine Chan from FitIn Ltd 

#2 GunnerTech: AWS Partner specializing in JavaScript development

JEFIT is the best fitness tracking app out there by far. It's got a huge database of exercises, which makes it super simple to track workouts. And the UI is super intuitive, which makes tracking reps, weights, and a whole bunch of other measurements incredibly easy. 

Contributor: Dary Merckens from GunnerTech

#3 FitBit: Know Yourself To Improve Yourself

I did have a FITBIT for a while, and it was great. I am just not a watch person and would forget to put it back on, and the battery would run out etc, etc. But for tracking purposes, it was very good at translating workouts to calories burned, heart rate, distance, and progress. So I would Recommend the FITBIT as well. 

Contributor: Dave Johnston from Weight Loss Ninja Blog

#4 MyFitnessPal: Fitness Starts With What You Eat

MyFitnessPal informs you of what your ideal daily caloric, salt, and fat intake should be for age, height, and weight to achieve your fitness goals. Throughout the day all you have to do is enter your food consumption and exercises performed, once you save the info it will let you know where you are tracking to your desired goals. I would recommend this app to anyone, as it was very helpful.

Contributor: Dave Johnston from Weight Loss Ninja Blog

#5 RunKeeper: Track Your Runs, Walks and More

This is a GPS app that can be installed on your phone and tracks distance ran, route, time, calories burned and progress over time. The other feature that I liked was the route tracker, the app would track your route on screen and save, so you are able to bring up past preferred routes. This app is one that I would recommend for anyone just starting out in jogging. 

Contributor: Dave Johnston from Weight Loss Ninja Blog

#6 Fitbit Alta HR: Bland And Small Fitness Tracker

One of the best fitness trackers is the Fitbit Alta HR. This product is perfect for people who don't want a large fitness tracker on their wrist since it's thin and light. The tracker easily connects to the Fitbit app to track your steps, goals, heart rate, and more. This specific tracker also alerts the person wearing it when they get a text message or phone call, allowing the individual to read the text right on the display screen. Plus, it has interchangeable bands to fit any individuals style.

Contributor: Jenna Salerno from USB Memory Direct

#7 LifeApps: LIVE and LEARN

Our LIFE Extend app will all people to track their fitness activities as well as correlate them with a wide range of health outcomes and other health behaviors, from sleep to stress reduction. 

Contributor: Paige B. Jarreau from LifeOmic

#8 CleaverFoxPlanner: Best Daily & Weekly Planner for Productivity

The planner is designed to help you increase your productivity and keep you accountable. The Clever Fox Planner is an agenda, daily planner, gratitude journal, vision board and goal-setting tool all rolled into one! 

The planner is designed for both weekly and monthly planning so you can set daily goals while also looking ahead. There is science-based evidence that proves having a physical planner is great for your brain. You can track your mood, your sleep, meal plan and even chart your workouts! 

Contributor: Chelsea Pascoe from Orca Communications Unlimited

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