Best Office Chairs for Programmers in 2019 for Every Budget

How to Pick the Best Chair for Your Needs as Programmer

Programmers spend hours every day in their computer chair at their desk.

Many people who sit at a desk all day are unaware of the lack of comfort that they are imposing on themselves with their office equipment.

Back pain, health issues, wrist and shoulder issues often plague those with computer jobs.

Many of these health issues can be avoided simply by buying high quality office equipment. Probably the most important part of your office set-up is your chair.

The chair that you choose for your time in front of the computer will affect your overall well-being as well as your effectiveness as an employee.

If you are not sure how to select the right office chair, you are not alone. There are so many options available on the market that it can be hard to know which chair to pick.

Check out our thorough list of the best computer chairs for programmers after learning about what you need to look out for.

What to consider when buying an all day programming chair

After reaching out to ergonomics experts, we’ve been informed of the common pitfalls that surround buying a chair.

David Ewart, founder and lead interior designer of warns consumers that

“The office chair market relies on a constantly shifting perception of what is ergonomically optimal, and can suffer from an overreliance on trends and fads…Buy once, buy well is the mantra we believe in for office chairs, rather than following the flavour of the month such as outlandish hypermodern designs”

We will be recommending proven, highly rated designs from companies you can trust, and guiding your priorities with this guide.

So what are the features that aren’t gimmicks? Elliot Robinson, from has recommended 5 key support areas to watch out for:

  • Enough depth and width to accommodate upper leg so no strain is put on your knees
  • Waterfall design to follow the shape of your body
  • Reclining back. Sitting up straight for long hours can cause lower back pain and put a continuous strain on your back. A 135 degree angle reclining seat back offers more support to your lower back resulting in evenly distributed pressure on your lordotic curve. The lordotic curve is the natural inward curve of the spine.
  • The padding should be medium in firmness to allow adequate contouring to your body. If it is too firm, it will be uncomfortable as the day progresses and if it is too soft, it doesn’t provide proper lumbar support.
  • Comfortable armrests: they should accommodate your computing position. If you write all day, they should accommodate your writing posture. Overall, armrests take the pressure off your shoulders and neck. There are office chairs with armrests made specifically for computing work or writing. 

David Ewart also recommends a suede material if you’re sitting long hours compared to leather options. Less slippery but also more prone to staining, this is one example where your priorities should help you make the consumer decision.

If you are not sure how to pick the best chair for your needs, here is a good video recommended by programming assignment experts from AssignmentCore.

Comparison table of the Best Office Chairs for Programmers

Top Product: Basyx by HON Mesh Office Chair See Price On Amazon
Top Product: AKRacing Style Desk Chair See Price On Amazon
Top Product: AKRacing Master Series Chair See Price On Amazon
Best Chairs for Programmers Under $200: ImpecGear Ergo HQ Chair See Price On Amazon
Best Chairs for Programmers Under $200: INTEY Office Chair See Price On Amazon
Best Chairs for Programmers Under $200: Ficmax Ergonomic Chair See Price On Amazon
Best Chairs for Programmers Under $200: Alera ALENR4199 Neratoli Series Chair See Price On Amazon
Best Chairs for Programmers Under $100: DESINO Racing Style Chair See Price On Amazon
Best Chairs for Programmers Under $100: DESINO Racing Style Ergonomic Chair See Price On Amazon

Best Computer Chairs for Programmers (Top of the range)

You often get what you pay for. If you are going to be in front of a computer for many hours a day, you really cannot afford to scrimp on the chair that you buy to sit in. There are lots of great options on the market for programmers which take into consideration the unique job duties and functions of programmer jobs. This section of the list covers the best chairs that are $200 or more.

Basyx by HON Mesh Office Chair

This high-quality chair offers the best in comfort and ergonomics. For those who are in front of the computer for many hours a day, there is no better chair on the market.


Mesh back for cool comfort.

Lots of adjustment options.

Swivels and rolls smoothly on a high-quality base.

Highly durable.

Great warranty.


Not rated for people over 230 pounds.

Not able to be adjusted for very short people.

See Price At Amazon

AKRacing Style Desk Chair

This is a great chair for those who want all the bells and whistles. Colorful and unique, this chair offers nearly every option that anyone could want.


Highly-padded and thoroughly thought out.

Headrest pillow.

Tons of adjustment options.

Pillow cushions and soft touch armrests.

Comes in a bunch of great colors.


Might be too colorful and racy for those looking for a more normal office look.

May not adjust to shorter height users.

See Price At Amazon

AKRacing Master Series Chair

This amazing chair offers the most optimal comfort and support for those who want to be hugged by their office chair and kept comfortable in any position.


5-year warranty.

Tons of support pillows and adjustments for comfort.

4D armrests.

Adjustable rocking adjustment and tilt adjustment.


Chair does not lean forward.

May have too much padding for some.

See Price At Amazon

ImpecGear Ergo HQ Chair

This top of the line chair is exactly what a chair connoisseur is looking for.

  • High-quality and maximum comfort.
  • Tested for sitting all day.
  • Maximum adjustable back adjustment due to unique design.
  • Will fit almost any user.
  • 5-year warranty.

  • Very high price point.
  • Chair reported to be somewhat warm for some users.

See Price At Amazon

Best Chairs for Programmers Under $200

You may not have the budget to spend on the first chairs that we listed. Your needs may not even require that you have a chair with so much padding and so many adjustment settings. Maybe you want a simple chair with the exact right features for your unique needs. If you still want a high-quality chair with lots of great comfort options available, check out our list in the under $200 category.

INTEY Office Chair

This modern rendition of the traditional office chair offers maximum comfort while being very basic and easy to use.

  • Great ergonomic design.
  • Back of the chair is mesh to keep its users cool.
  • Superior tilt and other adjustment options.
  • Great warranty.

  • Armrests are not as adjustable as they ought to be.
  • Could use more padding on the back for some users.

See Price At Amazon

Ficmax Ergonomic Chair

This great chair offers supreme comfort at a very reasonable price point. For people who want to have maximum comfort at a minimum price, this is a great option.


Can adjust in many different ways for maximum comfort.

Made to be comfortable with tons of stuffing and head rest pillow.

Rated to 300 lbs.

Lumbar massage function.


Some issues with arm rests not holding up to use.

Overly padded for some users.

See Price At Amazon

Alera ALENR4199 Neratoli Series Chair

This simple and elegant chair is perfect for the needs of those who are looking for a traditional chair with lots of comfort to offer.


Waterfall seat helps prevent pressure on the back of the knees.

Contemporary design.

Quality leather for maximum life of chair.


Armrests are not padded enough for some.

Chair is very simple and has limited adjustments.

See Price At Amazon

Best Chairs for Programmers Under $100

Maybe you are just starting out with your programming job. Maybe you just really can’t imagine spending a cent over $100 on an office chair. Sometimes very tall or very short people need a chair with maximum adjustment and minimal padding to fit their unique needs. Not everyone wants to spend $200 or more on a chair. If any of this sounds like you, you are in luck since we have also compiled a list of the best programmer chairs under $100.

DESINO Racing Style Chair


Premium technology based on current research.

Highly padded and adjustable.

Great warranty.

Has leg rest for use when chair is reclined.


Too much padding for some.

May not be rated for heavier/very tall users.

See Price At Amazon

DESINO Racing Style Ergonomic Chair

This is a classic design with all the added benefits of the newest technology.


Thoroughly tested and backed by research.

Has great foot rest for use when chair is reclined.

Maximum adjustment and padding.

Good warranty.


Some settings are not going to be comfortable for shorter users.

Limited color options.

See Price At Amazon

Most durable all day chairs

Steelcase Gesture Chair

This may just be all the chair you will ever need. Elliot Robinson from has recommended this design if you’re looking to make a long term investment as David Ewart suggests at the top of this guide. Quality materials, durable design, and a form factor to give you the best seating posture.


High level of adjustment to height, armrests,

LiveBack technology

Functional, yet also beautiful, modern design


Could have slightly more padding

Lumbar support is not adjustable

See Price on Amazon

Studies have proven how important it is to select the right office equipment to protect you from injury or strain. Cutting corners on your office chair is one of the ways that you can put yourself at risk for long-term health issues related to your job. As a computer programmer, your entire working day is performed sitting in front of a computer screen. Shouldn’t the hours that you spend at your desk be contributing to your health rather than hurting it?

Make sure that you know what comfort factors matter the most to you before you invest in a chair. This list of the best computer chairs for programmers should highlight the various options that you can choose from and help you to see what options are available at many price points. Make sure that you are taking your health seriously and that you are not cutting corners where it really matters. Find a high-quality office chair and reap the rewards of comfort and ergonomic function.

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