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Link building and Sponsored Content: Two Techniques for SEO Joined Together

 When it comes to SEO, there are different strategies and techniques that can be applied on a website, off-page and on-page and on different levels to improve its general quality and optimize some parameters that will make such site to rank higher on search engines, such as Google.

Now, over time these strategies have evolved in the same way Google’s algorithm has done it as well, with tactics that while in the past were great at present time are simply not that relevant. However, there is one SEO strategy that basically never gets old and in fact is earning more a more relevance over the years; we are talking about Link building.

The thing is that, as link building is one of the most important SEO strategies that exist, as well as using a Linkbuilding Agency at the same time is one of the most complex to implement and even understand, but fortunately there is a tool that can help us carry out and improve the link building and general backlinks of a site more easily, being the sponsored content. Let’s know more about these two.

Concept and Correlation between Link Building and Sponsored Content

For a website to rank properly on a search engine as Google, such platform must prove that has authority on its segment or niche, and therefore it should be featured on other web pages of the same industry with a backlink that takes directly to the website. Link building is the SEO general group of strategies that optimize and improve this specific factor.

Nonetheless, Link building is an off-site type of tactic and this means that while there are any numbers of tools that can help optimize it, it depends ultimately on third-party portals to feature the website’s links. In the past, paid links and general ads were the easiest way to earn backlinks fast, but this is now considered a black-hat tactic that can be penalized by Google.

So, what to do? This is where the sponsored content comes into place to achieve two goals: providing unique and quality content related to the website, and at the same time having a featured link included on a platform of relevance in the industry, without having the risk of penalization as will be explained next.

Applying Link Building Strategies and Sponsored Content

Sponsored content can be guest posts and articles that are paid to be written and published on relevant websites for the niche, which by having a backlink to another site can achieve the goal of increasing authority for SEO, specifically for such site.

But how is it that sponsored content is not considered a black-hat tactic if is paid? It is actually simple; in first place the created content is of real quality, with a direct intention of providing value to users and people that consult for relevant information in a query.

The second reason is that sponsored content and articles including the back link can be described as “Paid” or “Sponsored” anytime, and like this any mystery related disappears as long as the content is unique, original and of great quality. To apply these SEO strategies and others related in the best way, hiring a Linkbuilding Agency is recommendable for this purpose.

Text written by Ramón Fernández SEO

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