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10 Best Apps For Moms of Newborns

Being the parent of a newborn can be as tiring as it is rewarding. Sometimes it can feel like there is not enough of you to go around, even if you have help from family or friends.

Thankfully, today’s moms have lots of amazing tools at their disposal to help them with many aspects of the parenting process. Many of these tools are available at your fingertips through your phone in the form of clever parenting apps.

If you are struggling to keep up with everything and think that an app might be the answer to help you stay on top of it all, this list is for you!

The Best Apps For Moms of Newborns

1. Mindset Transformation: Discover a Simple Guide to Shifting Your Mindset to Attract Anything You Want in Life

If stress is affecting your ability to sleep and worry is disrupting your day, this app can help you to teach your mind to adopt a new overall attitude. If negative thoughts are making you feel depressed or worried, the app can help you to reframe your daily experiences to make you healthier and happier, and less stressed. Being a parent can be fatiguing but this app will teach you how to look at the challenges in a different light and turn your overall mental outlook around. This is a great app to help with sleep issues and to help you learn how to schedule your day for maximum effectiveness.

2. Baby Music- Sleep Music for Lullaby for Baby

If your baby is struggling with peaceful sleep due to daytime noise or possibly the noise of other children in the house, this great app can help you to provide peaceful background noise for your baby to sleep to. Training your baby to sleep can be hard but this app can help. The app offers a timer function and even works offline. The sleep sounds offered are specifically designed to appeal to babies and you can even choose to add background music if you want.

3. Letter Sounds A to Z

It is not uncommon as a parent to find yourself out in public with a baby who just will not settle down. You might also find yourself out and about without any toys or other distractions to help your child to become peaceful. This clever little app allows you to play the letters of the alphabet to your restless child, offering soothing sounds and bright colors for maximum enjoyment. This is also a great way to start teaching your child to recognize alphabetic sounds as it has been proven that babies can absorb useful information like this even at a young age.

4. Best Kids Songs with PINKFONG

This fun app offers songs that you can download and save and shows little videos of the lyrics as the song is being played. The delightful characters are engaging and pleasing and kids from 0 to 5 love the videos. This is a great little song player that can help to calm your child when they are upset or it can even be used as background noise when your child is going to sleep. The interface is very kid-friendly too, making it a fun app for your kids to use once they are older to entertain them.

5. Teach Your Monster to Read

This is another app that can grow with your baby. While they are too young to read, it can help to provide exposure to necessary reading and writing skills while also entertaining them with fun characters and interactive games that are visually dynamic. As they grow older, this app can be used as a way to teach them to be better readers. Included games help to reinforce learned skills and serve as wholesome entertainment.

6. Noggin Preschool Learning Videos for Kids

This fun app will be there for your baby as they grow up! It offers fun and interactive games and videos that can be used for background noise or to begin the process of teaching basic educational skills. This app can be just as fun for moms as well who are needing to pass the time during feedings or other tasks.

7. Diary Calculator and Tracker

This handy app is perfect for making sure that your nutrition is on point for your baby and to help you to lose a little weight if that is your goal as well. Simply tracks calories in and out without making you do the cumbersome math on the foods you are eating. Moms are busy enough without adding concerns about diet to the daily task load.

8. Disney + App

: This amazing extension of the Disney family of products is great for everyone! You can use it to help entertain other young children in the house while the baby sleeps or you yourself can enjoy its offerings! Any Disney classic that you miss from your childhood will be on this app. Loads of fun for everyone!

9. Breastfeeding Newborn Tracker

This handy app will track your pumping and feeding schedule as well as tracking baby sleeping times and baby diaper changes. This can really help if your partner is involved in feedings and changings so that nothing gets off schedule. The app even allows for twins or multiples!

10. Baby Daybook

This great app tracks baby growth charts, daily activities, and other statistics. The information saved in it can also be exported so that you can save your highlights or share health information with anyone who might need access to it. A great way to track all the little things when you are tired or busy during the early part of your time with your child.

Parenting does not have to be stressful if you use all the tools available to you! Using these apps in concert with one another can really help to ease the daily complications of parenting.

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