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5 Key Factors To Consider While Choosing The Right Robe

A robe is synonymous with relaxation and comfort. This garment should provide comfort when you wear it at home after work, after showering while getting ready, or when you get out of bed. Color, size, weight, size and design are the characteristics that lead to that shelter.

Things To Consider To Choose The Right Robe

One of the personal items with natural and luxurious characteristics is the robe. It enables you to experience at home a five-star hotel and spa service. We’re going to tell you today how to pick the bathrobe you like.

It is necessary to remember, firstly, that not all robes are the same. Most bathrobes come in #39 sizes for men and women. There are heavy and thin robes that are made from different materials like waffles and terry cloths.

Here are some key factors to look for in a robe that best suits your budget.

1. Material

The robe can be made of cotton, microfiber, wool, or silk. Cotton is the most recommended material, as it provides softness, high absorption capacity and warmth. It helps remove moisture from your skin, protect you from the cold when you get out of the shower, and maintain the temperature during the time you groom.

Opt for garments made from 100 percent cotton, preferably Egyptian. Choose the one with the longest curls to ensure optimal absorption and touch full of smoothness.

Microfiber robes are lightweight and fast-absorbing. The wool ones are more resistant, while the silk ones are to be at home or to use when getting out of bed; they are light and luxurious, although it is not recommended in hot climates because it does not promote perspiration of the body.

2. Type and size

It is important that you choose a lovely model of a lounge in a comfy robe. There are kimono types, waffle type (used in SPA), with lapel and without lapel, long and short. Choose the appropriate size so you can move easily.

Check that the sleeves fall flush with the wrists. If it is short-sleeved, it should be loose. The length depends on your tastes and the time of year.

3. Time of the year

For the warmer months, short gowns, which reach above the knee, have short sleeves and are made of lightweight materials, are ideal. For the cold season, long bathrobes are perfect, with long sleeves and made of warmer materials, such as wool.

4. Grammage

Refers to the weight of the gown, that is, to the amount of cotton yarn per square meter. The higher the grammage, the higher the quality. Opt for a grammage between 450 and 500 grams or more.

5. Design

The design depends on your preferences. There are white robes that inspire purity, tranquility, cleanliness, or bright colors, making a perfect match with summer and spring.

The good idea is to choose a bathrobe in a shade that matches your bathroom decor. The grays, beige and pastel tones harmonize with any style. There is a wide range of designs, from Asian motifs to geometric figures, prints or embroidery.

These are the main points to choose the best robe, one that is comfortable, cozy, and accompanies you in your moments of relaxation with a warm hug.

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