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Demystifying Marriott’s GPNS Compliance: Everything You Need to Know

A Deep Dive into the Importance of Complying with Marriott’s Global Property Network Standards

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of a strong and reliable Wi-Fi network for guest satisfaction
  • An overview of Marriott’s Global Property Network Standards (GPNS)
  • The repercussions of non-compliance
  • What to look for in a GPNS certified partner


In an increasingly digital world, robust and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity has become a non-negotiable necessity in hospitality. As hoteliers strive to improve guest satisfaction and bolster their reputation, they must navigate and comply with brand-specific standards for high-speed internet access (HSIA). Among the pioneering hotel chains implementing such benchmarks is Marriott, with its Global Property Network Standards (GPNS). But what does complying with these standards entail? And what are the implications for those who don’t?

Understanding GPNS

Marriott’s Global Property Network Standards are the yardstick against which the brand measures HSIA across its properties. The standard originated from Marriott’s recognition of dependable connectivity as a paramount amenity for guests, influencing their overall satisfaction and likelihood to return. As such, Marriott ensures each of its hotels adheres to the GPNS, maintaining the brand’s reputation for reliable guest Wi-Fi.

Why GPNS Compliance Matters

GPNS compliance isn’t a trivial concern – it significantly impacts a hotel’s revenue per available room (RevPAR). Inadequate HSIA can lead to negative guest experiences and feedback, in turn decreasing online ratings and deterring potential visitors. Furthermore, non-compliance could result in penalties from Marriott itself.

A property’s compliance status is regularly reviewed and evaluated by Marriott. This assessment includes the design and installation of network systems, as well as post-implementation technical support. Marriott also uses a tiered certification system to recognize top-performing vendors, ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of their HSIA.

GPNS Compliance Requirements

Marriott periodically revises the GPNS to ensure the standards align with industry trends and demands. The most recent version necessitates an upgrade to the current HSIA standard for all Marriott properties with GPNS versions 2013 or older.

If a hotel hasn’t upgraded its network in the last three years, it may be due for an upgrade to maintain brand compliance. Non-compliance could risk tarnishing a property’s reputation and result in financial repercussions.

Choosing a GPNS Certified Partner

Choosing a GPNS certified partner to implement and maintain HSIA is a critical decision for any Marriott hotel. GPNS certification is a badge of quality, indicating the provider’s commitment to high standards and accountability for the services they offer.

When selecting a GPNS certified partner, hotels should evaluate their potential partner’s experience with GPNS certification, network design, implementation, and project management. A provider with a proven track record in these areas can deliver a custom-engineered, enterprise-grade solution tailored to a hotel’s specific needs.

A GPNS certified provider should offer a monitoring tool or dashboard to oversee network health and provide reporting capabilities for evaluating and controlling bandwidth usage.

Moreover, customer support should be a crucial deciding factor. A provider with round-the-clock technical support and a network of responsive, on-site technicians can swiftly address and rectify any issues that may arise, minimizing the potential negative impact on guest experience.


Marriott’s Global Property Network Standards (GPNS) are an integral aspect of maintaining high-quality guest experiences across the brand’s properties. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve in an increasingly digital world, the ability to offer reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi is becoming a critical factor in maintaining guest satisfaction and competitiveness. Therefore, understanding and complying with GPNS becomes essential, not just for brand compliance, but for the overall success and growth of any Marriott property.

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