Unraveling the Value of iPEC Coaching: A Comprehensive Cost-Benefit Analysis

An In-Depth Look into the Worth of the iPEC Coaching Certification Program

Key Takeaways:

  • iPEC’s coach training program is a unique and comprehensive journey.
  • An iPEC certification involves not just one but three robust certifications.
  • iPEC’s coaching program is accredited by recognized institutions.
  • Students can pick from a variety of specializations to tailor their coaching approach.
  • The iPEC coaching community offers an unparalleled network of support.

An Overview of iPEC and Its Unique Coaching Program

The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) is known globally for its trailblazing stance in life coach training. Since its inception in 1999, it has etched a firm position as one of the first International Coach Federation (ICF)-accredited life coach training programs. An iPEC coaching cost investment involves a thorough training program of 320 hours, culminating in three distinctive certifications.

Credentials and Accreditations: Enhancing Trust and Reliability

iPEC graduates receive the title of Certified Professional Coach (CPC), a recognition endorsed by the ICF. The coaching program is also approved as a Board-Certified Coach (BCC) program by the Center for Credentialing and Education. Moreover, iPEC stands as a verified provider of continuing education credits from two eminent organizations: the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

iPEC’s Diversified Certified Life Coaching Program: A Two-Phase Exploration

The Certified Life Coaching Training Program of iPEC constitutes two phases. The first phase revolves around Core Energy Coaching and Energy Leadership, while the second delves into COR.E Dynamics.

Phase 1: Core Energy Coaching & Energy Leadership

The distinguishing feature of the iPEC coaching program is the implementation of the Core Energy Coaching Technique. It empowers coaching clients to delve into their energy and mental patterns, facilitating the identification of personal roadblocks and self-definition. The three modules of phase 1 cover aspects like coaching theory, creating action plans, dealing with common coaching challenges, and learning how to administer the Energy Leadership Index (ELI).

Phase 2: COR.E Dynamics

Phase 2, concentrating on COR.E Dynamics, employs a unique process to assist coaches in raising energy levels and maximizing their clients’ performance. Coaches can choose from four different tracks: Leadership, Performance, Transitions, and Wellbeing.

Timeline and Course Structure: Designed for Flexibility

The course’s timeline includes three intensive training programs spread over three days each. Additionally, it offers resources like webinars, e-books, and self-study sessions, totaling 200 hours of ICF-accredited training. Students can finish phase 1 in 7-8 months and phase 2 in another 3-4 months.

Experience-Based Learning Methodology

iPEC utilizes an experience-focused learning methodology where instead of conventional lecturing, trainers offer problem-solving opportunities. The iPEC instructors, all certified life coaches themselves, share real-life examples and experiences, thus creating a valuable link between the course material and its practical application.

The Perks of iPEC Certification: Beyond the iPEC Coaching Cost

While the iPEC coaching cost is a significant investment, the returns are invaluable. Some of the benefits associated with iPEC certification include specialty training options, multiple certifications, a flexible learning schedule, a community-based approach, and extensive training support.

Specialty Training Options

iPEC offers specialized training in niches like Relationship Coaching, Transition Coaching, Group Coaching, Couples Coaching, Parents & Teens Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, Sports Performance Coaching, Small Business & Professionals Coaching, and Leadership: Executive & Management Coaching.

Flexible Learning Schedules

iPEC’s training program is designed to cater to different learning preferences and schedules. This approach makes it possible for learners worldwide to become Certified Professional Coaches.

Multiple Certifications

By completing the iPEC coaching program, students gain three notable certifications, making them stand out among other coaches.

Community-Based Approach

The iPEC coaching community promotes a strong sense of belonging and support, making the coaching journey less isolated and more rewarding.

Training Support

iPEC provides extensive training support through Q&A sessions, webinars, and a library of training materials. A business toolbox comprising coaching agreements, scripts, and marketing tools is also available to help your coaching business thrive.

Ultimately, the real worth of the iPEC coaching cost is more than the sum of its parts. It’s about the comprehensive training, the valuable credentials, the unique learning methodology, and the enduring support of a community that can truly transform one’s journey in the coaching industry. When these factors are taken into account, it is clear that iPEC delivers immense value for its price tag.

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