What Is an Affirmative Action Plan, and Do You Need One?

When you create any business, there are rules your company must follow. Putting together a fair compensation package and having an affirmative action plan is vital for growing companies. But what is an affirmative action plan, and how do you know if you need one?

Affirmative Action Plans

An Affirmative Action Plan or AAP is a program that a company puts together promising equal opportunities for employees or candidates in the hiring process. The outline for this plan changes around yearly data and what areas in which a company lacks. For example, a company with a lower percentage of female employees compared to other companies in the same field should consider expanding its pool of potential candidates for open positions.

Essentially, an Affirmative Action Plan ensures that employees are given equal opportunities at your company and are not excluded based on gender, sexuality, race, or veteran status. It’s essential to examine the critical components of an Affirmative Action Plan when adhering to these federal guidelines.

Who Enforces Affirmative Action Plans?

The OFCCP, or Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, oversees Affirmative Action Plans in the US. This office handles necessary inspections, reviews, and audits related to affirmative action plans in a company. Ensuring companies follow the proper guidelines is an essential step in the process.

Do I Need an Affirmative Action Plan?

When asking what an affirmative action plan is and finding out if you need one, keep these things in mind. One significant aspect is if your company deals with any federal government contracts. If the value of those contracts is larger than $50,000, your business must establish an Affirmative Action Plan. Other criteria are if your company has more than 50 employees, including seasonal and part-time workers.

If your company meets these criteria, you must have an Affirmative Action Plan in place by law.

Ensuring everyone has fair opportunities is a fundamental part of growing your business. These regulations are there to provide adequate and equitable treatment for workers. Follow these rules and adhere to federal guidelines to ensure your company stays on the up and up.

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Written by Afshan Basher Aly

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