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9 Products Every Bitcoin Fanatic Needs To Have

Cryptocurrencies are making waves in our society, with online currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum paving the way for future payment systems. We have been hearing a lot about these on the Internet and news, and with the hype growing, they have proven to be great investment vehicles for everyday investors. If you’re one of the people who has decided to buy some cryptocurrency, you may have possibly bought Bitcoin, and if so, then we’ve got 9 products that we know you’ll love. Ranging from t-shirts to mugs, if you’re an avid Bitcoin investor then you won’t be able to resist buying these.

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#1 Gold Plated Bitcoin Keychain – Under £10

This great bitcoin edition keychain not only looks classy, but it's actually covered in 24-carat gold. With a purity of 99.9%, you sure are getting a lot for your money, and it's under £10! This could be a great gift idea or if you happen to be a bitcoin fanatic, then this is a perfect little item for you to hold. There is also 3D engravings, how cool is that?

#2 Men’s Bitcoin “To the Moon” T-Shirt – Around £20

We get it, you want to get rich off of Bitcoin, you're staring at the price all day and telling the screen to hurry up and show some green candles. Well if you're one of these people, then this t-shirt is perfect for you! Coming in different colours and sizes, you can find a perfect match for you and maybe you too can go the moon!

#7 Bitcoin Leather Watch – Under £25

A watch is a must-have item for any man, and what's better than having a Bitcoin styled watch so you can show your friends and family that you're a true supporter of the cause. This stylish watch comes with genuine leather strap and for a relatively modest price, it certainly looks like an enticing buy!

#9 Bitcoin iPhone 6/6s Phone Case – Around £5

If you own an iPhone 6 or 6s then this phone case is a must-have, with a sleek and elegant design you can show off your bitcoin gains in an elegant way. The black plastic is hard and can be easily removed and put on and will not cover the screen, it's also very comfortable to hold.

If you have an iPhone 7, then you can check out this link.

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