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Why Do Breasts Get Smaller After Having Babies?

Having children is a pinnacle moment in any mother’s life. In the same sense, many things about your reality as you know it are bound to change. You have probably prepared for stretch marks, loose skin, and other body alterations associated with pregnancy. That is standard.

Initially, when your milk comes in, your breasts will likely be as plump and voluptuous as ever. Once that part dries up, though, do they seem even smaller than before pregnancy? It isn’t your imagination. Not only does pregnancy create sagging of the breasts, but you may also find yourself going down a cup size.

So, why do breasts get smaller after pregnancy? There are a few factors that play a direct role in shrinkage. In some cases, you lose mass. In others, the appearance creates an illusion that the breasts are smaller.

After Milk Production Stops

When you experience your milk supply, aside from the pain, you probably enjoy the way they look. They are full enough to fill out any shirt. They will most certainly be naturally bigger than at any other point in life. It’s easy to get used to having a perky, full bust.

But soon after birth, or when breastfeeding stops, your milk production will decrease and eventually stop completely. Then you are left with the aftereffects. When the milk dries up, the cells that produce the milk shrink.

Your body begins to replenish your breasts with new fat cells. The issue here is that the cells may not be as plentiful as before pregnancy, leaving you with a smaller bust. This can also be a contributing factor in excess drooping as well.

Deflation and Stretching

Even if your breasts haven’t lost actual volume, they can certainly lose shape. During pregnancy, your hormones cause your breasts to swell to a much larger size. Once they return to their normal state, the skin may be loose.

Because your breasts house fat cells and not muscle, you are not able to sculpt or tone the breasts back to a more pleasing shape or size. The appearance afterward will have to be dealt with as is and there is nothing to be done.

The drooping can also create the illusion that your breasts are smaller. While it may not be true factually, due to the bagginess of the skin, it can certainly appear that way to the eye.

Breast Improvement Post-Baby

Unfortunately, because there is no way to improve breast shape, size, or volume organically, you may have to consider other options (surgical options, at that). Since you boldly sacrificed your body to birth your baby, you deserve to give yourself a chance to get your body back.

Once you are ready to gain back what you may have lost, it’s time to assess your individual circumstances. When it comes to filling out your bust line without dealing with any drooping, you have two main choices.

Breast Augmentation

In order to deal with the loose skin left behind, you can opt for a breast augmentation. Surgeons can work with you to fill in the missing fat to help you regain proportion. The great news about this option is that you can also go even slightly bigger than you were before.

Not only can you increase size, but the implants will also form a much more appealing shape. You can look just as good, if not better than your pre-pregnancy version.

You will work directly with the surgeon to go over your desired size along with additional details about the procedure.

Breast Lift

You also have the option of getting a breast lift to help the problem area. According to the doctors at NuBody Concepts in Nashville, Tennessee, the typical breast lift procedure costs between $7,700 to $8,500. Breast lifts are more fitting if you have maintained the size of your breasts, but the shape has diminished or deflated. While they don’t add to the size, they are perfect for sculpting the existing tissue, and more often than not, are the primary choice when restoring breast volume after pregnancy.

A plasma pen breast lift is a great way to enhance your breasts without having to go under the knife. It can be used to improve the appearance of sagging breasts and create a more youthful, perky look. This treatment can also be used to even out breast asymmetry and improve the overall shape of the breasts.

During the procedure, the excess skin in your breasts will be removed. The surgeon will then reshape the breast tissue to create a firmer, more favorable shape. It will also raise the nipples to point outward rather than down.

Once healing takes place, your breasts will have a revived fullness and perkiness.

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