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Time to Relax! 11 of the Best Books to Read on the Beach

Ahh, the beach. Quite possibly the most relaxing type of vacation you could ever take, a beach vacation is the best way to reset and rejuvenate.

When you’re at the beach, few things will help you get the most out of your experience than a good book. With this collection of eleven best books to read on the beach, you’ll have the greatest vacay ever!

1. When We Left Cuba

When We Left Cuba is a dazzling tale of love, mystery, and hardship. Follow the story of a young woman who has to flee Cuba to escape the clutches of the evil Fidel Castro.

2. American Spy

American Spy is an excellent African political drama that will simply wile the hours away as you lounge on the beach. It’s an exciting tale of how one woman defies all odds to save the world.

3. Watership Down

Watership Down is an amazing read if you love animals. Not a children’s book, this book paints an interesting parallel between the life of a rabbit society and the human world. Great food for thought on your beach trip!

4. Louder than Hell

For the diehard metal fans among us, Louder than Hell is one of the best tales for a beach read. Set up a speaker and blare some metal music as you take a walk through the genre’s history.

5. Kudos

Kudos is one heckuva page-turner that explores the intricacies of a book festival. Filled with laughs thanks to the author’s dry sense of humor, this is the perfect combination of thoughtfulness and hilarity for your beach trip.

6. The Bride Test

The Bride Test is a heart-provoking romance novel about the joining of two Vietnamese characters who have to navigate the intricacies of societal expectations alongside the development of their love. Cuddle up to your babe on the beach with this one!

7. My Lovely Wife

My Lovely Wife is about a husband and wife couple doing all they can to spice up their fifteen-year marriage. They do everything from taking a beach trip together to murder. It’s definitely a page-turner.

8. Park Avenue Summer

Park Avenue Summer chronicles the summer experiences of its female protagonist as she seeks to bring legitimacy to a feminist movement. If you’re a feminist, this is an absolute must-read for you.

9. Speaking of Summer

Another great beach read, Speaking of Summer follows two sisters looking for each other.

10. The Last Resort

The Last Resort is the ideal beach read. It’s about a married couple’s resort where secrets and thrills abound. It’s a great thriller and will ensure that you’ll never forget your first southern Caribbean cruise!

11. The Wedding Party

Last but not least, we have The Wedding Party. It’s an ideal summer beach read, given its romance and love themes.

Best Books to Read on the Beach

There you have it! With these books in your bag, you’ll ensure that you have one heckuva memorable beach vacation.

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