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Top 5 Best Mystery Books to Read in 2020


There are anywhere between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books published each year. So how can you possibly know where to start? With so many options out there, finding a good book can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Love a good mystery book but don’t know what to pick up in the new year? We’re here to help! Here are 5 of the most anticipated mystery books of 2020.

1. Deep State by Chris Hauty

Chris Hauty is actually a screenwriter, and this is his first novel. In this story, recently elected President Richard Monroe is the focus of an increasingly divided Washington DC. While political turmoil rages on, the chief of staff is found dead.

A zealous intern finds a small clue suggesting foul play and an underground conspiracy centered around prominent government figures. It looks like everyone is hiding something, and more will have to die to keep the secrets of the Deep State.

This novel was released on January 7th, so several mystery book blogs are likely to have reviews. Check them out so that you can see if it lives up to the hype before buying.

2. One Minute Out by Mark Greaney

Mark Greaney is a New York Times bestselling author. While he’s a bit of a newcomer to the political thriller genre, it’s clear that we can expect great things.

This novel focuses on the Gray Man, the world’s deadliest assassin. When Court Gentry finds a human trafficking operation in Croatia, he’s able to trade it from Europe to Hollywood.

But it’s not easy, as his CIA handlers are holding him back. They won’t take down human trafficking until Court Gentry gives up his intelligence about a potential terrorist attack in America. This moral balancing act will be released on February 18th, so preorder now before it’s too late!

3. The Jerusalem Assassin by Joel C. Rosenberg

Joel C. Rosenberg is often called today’s Nostradamus. His novels have an uncanny ability to predict future events. And this book, which focuses on a possible conflict between Russia, Iran, and the United States, appears to be in a similar vein.

After the death of the Russian President, American President Andrew Clarke reveals a proposal for peace between Israel and Palestine. But soon, American officials aiming to carry out these plans are assassinated. The President has no choice but to send a team of CIA operatives to hunt down those responsible, including Marcus Ryker, the focus of the novel.

Ryker uncovers a plot to kill the President himself. As he rushes to discover the group responsible, he realizes he has less than 4 days to disrupt their plans. The novel will be available on March 10th.

4. Strike Me Down by Mindy Mejla

Strike Me Down focuses on Nora Trier, a forensic accountant aiming to catch globetrotting thieves. When she’s hired by Strike to find missing kickboxing tournament prize money, it sounds like a routine case. But as new information about the company arises, Trier finds herself in mortal danger.

The release date for Strike Me Down is April 7th.

5. Safecracker by Ryan Wick

Last but not least on our list of anticipated mystery books is Safecracker. Michael Maven, a professional safecracker, takes on what appears to be a simple job: stealing a rare coin from a rich New Yorker.

To his surprise, the owner brings home a woman who kills him and attempts to steal the coin for herself. Michael Maven escapes but the woman’s boss turns out to be a drug lord who forces him to take on an even more dangerous job. This book will be released on June 2nd.

Now You Know the Mystery Books to Buy in 2020!

Now you have a list of five mystery books to put on your radar in 2020. Love books and reading? Bookmark Fupping for the latest in literature.


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