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10 Fresh Ideas to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

The first Friday of the March is Employee Appreciation Day, and every organization celebrates the same to keep the momentum and motivation intact across the employees. Employers facilitate their employees for hard work and dedication. Over the last few years, there is an increase in companies that are adopting this technique. It is helping them recognize the contributions of their employees.

Why is Appreciation Day Important?

According to research, identifying and appreciating the contribution of employees in an organization helps in the growth and achieve customer satisfaction. Richard Branson said in his quote that taking care of the employees will automatically result in a better outcome, as they take care of the clients.

Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day

The following ten ideas help you to engage employees in your organization for a small price:

  1. Volunteer: conducting a volunteer camp at a senior citizen shelter or local community is a great way to start the appreciation day. Activities include planting trees, cooking and serving to the needy, spending time with homeless and senior citizens, and participating in stand-up comedy acts. Volunteer activity is likely to increase the happy-hours and morale of employees by over 70%.
  2. Flexible timings: noticing the growth in the results and to further improve the outcome, one can introduce flexible work timings. Not only it helps the employees to work at increased efficiency, but they display their loyalty towards the company. Research shows that flexible work timings helped in increasing the outcome by over 200%, and every employee worked with enthusiasm.
  3. Ergonomic consultation: employees often look towards the organization for their health. By conducting ergonomic consultation, overcoming the pain that the employees are suffering is possible. The changes require a modest budget, but it has a long-term effect on the employee experience.
  4. Sponsoring retreat: a survey stated that 85% of the ideas shared by the employees help improve the growth of the organization. One can conduct a retreat seminar where employees share their thoughts. The company can choose one of the best ideas, sponsor the same, and launch it on a pilot basis to check for the results.
  5. Creativity: creativity often has a significant impact on how an employee performs. As a company, one can introduce employees to several creative hobbies such as gardening, painting, flower arrangement, or others. Proposing multiple options makes it easy, as every individual gets the chance to choose a hobby according to their interest.
  6. Socialize: conducting games such as quiz, team-based games, and scavenger hunt is an excellent way for employees to socialize. It will provide a chance for members to interact with others. It also promotes healthy competition and innovative thinking. The possibilities are that the motivation levels are high, and one would be seeing the employees with a new outlook for a small price.
  7. Happy hour: happy hours are the best way to get close and speak casually. It also helps in creating positive interactions, which leads to motivation in the end. Such a gathering helps in reducing stress. As it contributes to the positive culture of the company, do ensure to stop working a little early. The gathering also helps in knowing each other and learning new things.
  8. Field trip: a field trip is a better way to motivate, reduce stress, and add happiness into the employee’s daily activity for a small price. The company can choose the local museum, gardens, or a park where everyone re-lives and gets away with stress. It may also help in sparking new ideas.
  9. VR experience: adding VR experience at the workplace could add to the fun. The immersive experience helps employees to spend the best break at the office while sipping their favorite drinks.
  10. Social media channel: the company can use the social media channel to highlight the contribution of its employees. It helps in keeping them happy for an extended period and build personal brands.


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