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10 Top Tips for How to Make Someone Feel Special

If you’re looking for ways how to make someone feel special, this guide has you covered.

Sometimes people just need a little encouragement, time with a friend, or a nice gesture to feel loved, appreciated, and special.

Whether you have a friend or loved one who is celebrating a birthday, their wedding, a new baby, or just needs a pick me up, we’ve rounded up a list of ways for how to make someone feel loved.

These aren’t neckties and slipper gifts either.

From cooking them a meal to making a DIY gift, this guide has ten sure-fire ways for how to show someone you love them.

1. Name a Star After Them

There are a number of gift ideas including naming a star after someone that is sure to be a gift they have never received before. Who needs more bad ties anyway?

Give something they will never forget like having a star registered in their name in the star name database.

This gift is completely unique and your recipient will be touched forever knowing they have a star in their name in the sky.

2. How to Show Love Through Cooking

It’s no secret why people say that the way to show love is through someone’s stomach. Cooking someone a meal means you’re taking time out of your busy day to home make something special.

Not only will your loved one be touched that you took the time to cook for them but they will also enjoy eating the meal with you.

This gift is like a two for one special.

3. Take Them Out

People love spending time together. By taking your friend or loved one out, you get to enjoy some quality time experiencing something together.

Your outing doesn’t need to be expensive either. You can go to a free day at a museum, the zoo, or even just to a local beach. Just taking someone out shows you care enough to spend time with them.

To give the gift, you can give them an envelope with a coupon showing them where and when you’ll be going somewhere.

4. Clean Their House

If someone is just recovering from something like surgery or having a new baby, sometimes the best gift is the gift of a clean house. You can go over to your loved one’s home and give it a spruce up yourself or give them a gift card for a cleaning service, for example.

It can be hard physically for someone to clean their house after a new baby has come or a medical procedure.

Take the pressure off of them and give them a nice clean house to relax in and enjoy.

5. Watch Their Kids

If you have a loved one who has kids, one of the best gifts you can give is some time for them to enjoy time alone or with their partner.

Offer to watch their kids for a date night or even just so they can take a shower or go for a run. Sometimes it’s just this little time that can make such a big impact. It also won’t cost you anything to go play with their kids for a couple of hours.

6. Go For a Walk

If you have a friend or loved one who is going through a hard time, sometimes all they need is a little time outside and a chat with you to feel a little better.

Call your friend and invite them to go for a walk. A walk outside will do wonders to boost their mood and it is also a nice opportunity to catch up.

You may make even make it a regular habit.

7. Show You Care With a DIY Gift

A gift you make yourself is one of the ultimate ways to make someone feel special. You can personalize almost anything to make it unique to the recipient.

From homemade baked goods to handmade blankets, artwork, or even just a card. Any little thing you can whip up that comes from you will be appreciated.

8. Take Them Shopping

Taking your friend or loved one shopping is a fun twist on just buying them something. Anyone can buy someone a sweater but if you treat your friend to an afternoon shopping for a sweater, they will also enjoy time with you.

This is also fun for kids. You get quality time shopping and enjoying time together and kids get to learn about budgeting and choosing just a select number of things. Their favorite part will really be the memory of shopping with you though.

9. Showing Love Through Personal Notes

A personal note can be a great way to show someone you care about. You can include notes in your spouse’s or kid’s lunch boxes, or even mail postcards or personal letters and cards in the mail.

A personal note will cheer up anyone’s day. The best part is when the note is a surprise too. Who wouldn’t love a little personal pick-me-up in the mail or their lunch?

10. Make Catch Ups Regular

If you have a friend or loved one who is in need of more companionship, make a habit of visiting, calling, or texting them regularly.

Family in an assisted living home, or someone who just went through a hard life experience, will really benefit from some quality time with you.

Make it a habit by visiting once a month, or even just setting a calendar reminder to call them. It doesn’t need to take long to make them feel loved and special.

How to Make Someone Feel Special

How to make someone feel special is by making them feel loved. Unique gifts that are personal and from the heart are best.

Giving the gift of time is also one of the best gifts you can give. Show your loved ones you care by taking the time to connect with them and give them something truly personal.

For more relationship, family, or gift ideas, visit the wellbeing section, for great resources.


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