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Fun facts about college life

Campus life is equal parts exciting and intimidating. If you are getting pre-school-year jitters, check out the college fun facts we’ve gathered for you. They should dissolve your tension and help you feel better about the fact you get to join the unique college culture for the next four years.

15 Facts About Going to College to Get You into High Spirits

  1. Over 30% of college graduates do not have any student loans to pay back. Despite the hysteria surrounding insurmountable debts, the average sum graduates have to return is $20,000. You would have to pay as much for a new car.
  2. Most schools recommend their students to get at least seven hours of sleep every night, but few get over five or six hours per night. As a result, one in five college students suffers from sleep disorders.
  3. U.S. government does not prioritize education, evidenced by the state of California spending more money on prisons than education in 2011. The situation has improved since then, but this trend remains troubling.
  4. Utah is the only state in the USA that has a higher number of male students than female ones. Across the other 49 states, male students account for only 40% of the overall population, on average.
  5. Norway uses the oil industry profits to provide its citizens with free higher education and improve national infrastructure.
  6. Between 25% and 30% of all undergraduate students in the U.S. are enrolled in some form of distance education. That made for nearly 6 million students in 2014.
  7. First-year college students gain 15 pounds after moving to live on campus despite schools’ attempts to introduce healthier meal options.
  8. Ivy League schools remain an unrealistic dream for most high school graduates, as only 0.4% of the U.S. students get to attend. Meanwhile, four out of ten college students in the U.S. attend community colleges.
  9. If you are a true Star Trek fan and a member of Starfleet, you can receive a college scholarship of up to $1,000. To apply, you need to be a member of The International Star Trek Fan Association for at least a year.
  10. If you get into Harvard, you are likely to be a straight-A student, as the median grade is A-. The majority of students receive A on their tests and assignments, causing suspicions of grade inflation.
  11. Textbooks are a significant drain on a college students’ budget, as their prices rose 812% in 30 years. Tuition, healthcare, and housing have all become more expensive, but books set the record. You can save by purchasing digital copies that are usually 40% cheaper.
  12. Three out of four students can’t study without digital devices. Considering these numbers, it’s not surprising students spend $10+ billion on electronics every year.
  13. According to the Kalamazoo Promise, high school graduates of Kalamazoo, Michigan, receive full college scholarships from a group of anonymous donors. To get a full ride, you need to have attended public schools of Kalamazoo since kindergarten.
  14. Oberlin College in Ohio pioneered college degree programs for women. It was also the first school to provide degrees for African-American women in 1861.
  15. 75% to 98% of high schoolers admit to having cheated on a test or a homework assignment. If you ever pay for essays online, you will hardly get caught, as only 35% of professors believe academic cheating to be a common problem. So, order an essay and boost your grades in time.

Did you know any of these bizarre and fun facts for college students? Keep a couple of them in mind for your freshman year, and you will never be without a conversation starter. And if you want to join the ranks of students from fact #15, check out Write Paper for Me reviews before you do.

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