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How You Can Influence Consumer Buying Decisions In 4 Simple Ways

If you think you have mastered why consumers arrive at a decision to buy something, you might want to think again. There are numerous factors that affect a buyer’s decision to spend money on a particular item. Consumers themselves find it difficult to have a uniform reason on why they choose to buy a particular product over another.

Even in these complexities, business owners can still influence the decision buying process of their consumers. By taking some steps, you can positively influence this decision and get the result you were aiming for.

4 simple ways you can influence consumer buying decision

1. Connecting emotionally with the consumer

One of the answers consumers always give when asked why they bought a particular item is that they felt some sort of connection with the product or brand. “Emotions play a vital role in the decision-making process that leads to a consumer settling for a particular product. For this reason, it is important that you as a business owner, should strive to create content that can help foster a meaningful and deep connection between your brand or product and the consumer,” says Nirmal Singh, co-founder of HelloDiya, a shopping assistant website.

2. Sharing important and valuable information with the consumer

This does not in any way mean that you should start bombarding your consumers with marketing materials in the name of sharing vital information with them. You shouldn’t be in your consumer’s face with how good your product is all the time. That will be counterproductive as consumers will most likely be wary of your products and services. Instead, look for the things that your product or service can do for the consumer and key into it when sharing such information. For instance, instead of writing a sharable content on how good your cloth starch is, you could write something on “Find out how this shirt has remained new and strong even after 4 years of constant wear.” Now, you can build the content around how your starch is the genius behind the shirt lasting that long.

3. Engaging the consumer offline through online engagement

Brands have seen tremendous results by using reputable platforms that have a heavy audience to pass across their message. This is somehow related to the point made above, but instead of sending out such information through email, the brand seeks out reputable platforms. It might be in the form of blogs or social media. The goal is to subconsciously reach out to the consumer without sounding too promotional.

4. Win the consumer through expert reputation

This final point is actually the most important of them all. You want to make sure your reputation is top-notch at every point in time. No one says something cannot go wrong with your product, what matters is how you follow it up. This is what the consumer is looking out for. And if you are able to handle the situation properly, you may end up winning that consumer who may, in turn, win more consumers for you because of their personal encounter with your product and your brand.

Final Thoughts!

Although there are basic factors that affect consumer buying behavior such as immediate need, peer pressure, trends, age, family, economic among many others, you can still influence the consumer. All that is required is a conscious and genuine effort from you to reach out to them in whatever legal way possible.

Avoid being too pushy, but be consistent and in the end, you would have made such a huge impact that ultimately transcends to more sales.


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