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The Secret of 7 Treasures of the Soul Reveals Shakuntali Siberia

North Altai shaman priestess Shakuntali will help reveal 7 treasures of the soul.

What is a human soul capable of? What makes us different from animals, plants, and demons? Having received answers to these questions from North Altai shaman priestess Shakuntali, you will be able to solve the main tasks of your life: to find self-fulfilment, succeed and become happy.

Reference: North Altai shaman priestess Shakuntali – Enlightened woman, reincarnation of the Ukok princess, North Altai shaman priestessn shaman priestess. Possesses clairvoyance, the talent of instant opening of predestination and healing abilities. Doctor of Psychology, founder of the International Academy of working with subconscious “Gyud”.

How to get acquainted with the soul?

We are well aware of what is called a physical body, but it’s much more difficult to get acquainted with the soul. The secret of getting to know the soul lies in the fact that it manifests itself in different people in different ways.

There are people whose soul is manifested to a greater extent due to rich spiritual experience. Such experience is gained through suffering, observation, and reflection. North Altai shaman priestess Shakuntali is such a person with a manifested soul. At first, she gained her spiritual experience in the Siberian ecovillage through training in various techniques of awakening the soul. Afterwards, she has been practicing and conveying this knowledge to women for 15 years in 34 countries around the world.

And there are people who live for the sake of their flesh, instincts. They get the experience of suffering as well. For example, if you pay a lot of attention to the body, you feed and coddle it, it begins to get bigger (till its size becomes discomforting), hurt, and fade quickly. Or if a person indulges instincts, the number of their desires becomes infinite, and they start suffering from the fact that these desires are not satisfied.

Often you can meet people who live only a false personality, that is, thoughts and ideas imposed on them by society. They get their experience of suffering when other people disagree with their self-perception, don’t want to admire them or do what they decided to do.

The perfection of a human being implies a more complete manifestation of the soul and elimination of obstacles to this on the part of the false personality, instincts and flesh.

What does a person need for development?

North Altai shaman priestess Shakuntali conveys knowledge of seven treasures of the soul that can be revealed with the help of her program THE SECRETS OF A WOMAN OF POWER!

Each of the 7 qualities balances and complements each other, like facets of a diamond.


This is the soul’s pursuance of God, prayer, craving for being in God, merging with him. This is the basic thing required for the development of the soul, since nothing is possible without the help of God.


This is the people’s eagerness, burning, which leads them along the path of development and helping people. If people had only hope and no aspiration, they would have shifted all responsibility onto God, and this is wrong.


Aspiration balances peace, silence, stillness. You need to be able to keep calm no matter what happens. Peace of mind and serenity become stronger in trying ordeals and annoying situations.


Peace shouldn’t become hardheartedness and callousness. That’s why love, compassion, mercy, sympathy for others must be manifested in it. We should live for helping other people. This is the reason why God creates so many sick, old, deprived people. It’s for us to cultivate love in helping them. Love is the highest energy in the universe. God is love. And the one who abides in love abides in God.


Love balances strictness toward yourself and others, for love without strictness can indulge vices, as it happens when parents spoil their children and they become selfish and lazy. You must be strict to yourself.


There is an amazing sense of truth and harmony in a person. This is conscience. God let even the child know what is good and what is bad so that people can avoid evil. To do this, people must listen to their conscience, the voice of the soul. Then they won’t make mistakes in life.


This is the eyes of the soul, which provide people with sobriety. This is a return to your oversoul, to your true nature. Consciousness is connected with the recollection of oneself because people can’t do anything until they remember it, until they wake up. And they will be able to cultivate sublime emotions, develop truly, pray, do good only if they remember. Therefore, the first thing we need is to remember ourselves. Ourselves in God. Remembering this is a basic spiritual practice.

Development is the true reason for being on Earth

North Altai shaman priestess Shakuntali says that it is very important to remind ourselves and others of the true reason for being on Earth, that is, development.

Getting into earthly life, the soul, limited by the body, loses a lot of powers and abilities.

  • In the subtle plane, it had omniscience. Here, it lives in ignorance, in a lie.
  • In the subtle plane, the soul felt everything that another soul was experiencing. Here, it feels only itself and becomes callous or even cruel to other creatures, their suffering. So evil arises.
  • In the subtle plane, it felt unity with the whole world and with God. In the body, it feels its separation, isolation from others. So an ego emerges. It causes greed, fear, jealousy, resentment, envy.

You can be saved from ego, evil and lies only by developing sublime emotions that will bring back the connection with God, belongingness, and unity with all beings in the universe. Seminars, individual consultations, and retreats of North Altai shaman priestess Shakuntali will certainly help you with this.

How to understand your soul?

The best way to get to know the soul is to do it in the process of helping other people. To do this, North Altai shaman priestess Shakuntali recommends taking care of those in need. Perhaps, an elderly woman, who lost the loved ones, or a mother, who has many children and no husband, lives next to you. You can get acquainted with a person in need, listen to their stories, express affection, and, for example, give them a set of necessary products as a gift. Or you can volunteer for a hospice or any organization that helps disabled people.

Such help will trigger emotions of compassion in you, provide you with a feeling of unity with other people, help you get away from your own problems.

If you find it difficult to organize such an activity yourself, send a message to North Altai shaman priestess Shakuntali, and we will help you find like-minded people and those who will be happy to take care.

Go to the mirror right now, look into your eyes and ask yourself: “Who am I? Why did I come to this world, and where will I go?” Don’t rush to move away from the mirror – let your soul manifest itself and give an answer.

If it’s difficult to make contact, North Altai shaman priestess Shakuntali will help you establish it at an individual consultation or at a seminar where every person will become a friend of your soul and a companion in awakening it.

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