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Looking for a Bingo-Based Book? Here Are the Top Entries You Should Read

Everybody loves a game of bingo, right? Whether you are an avid bingo hall attendee, or you just like to have a go every now and then, you’ll probably agree that there are few better feelings in the world than shouting ‘House!’ in a crowded bingo hall. Now, if you are also a keen reader then it makes sense to combine your two hobbies and read about bingo. Here is a collection of books ranging from learning how to play and win at bingo, to love stories with a bingo theme.

The Basics of Winning Bingo

If you take your bingo very seriously and you want to improve your chances of winning then give this book a go. The 64-page book includes rules of the game, an introduction to the lingo, winning patterns and even the odds of winning. It also looks into the pros and cons of playing with more than one bingo card and other useful tips that will help turn you into a bingo winner. You can then use your new knowledge in a real money bingo game, such as the ones on Paddy Power, where you can play for a range of jackpots from around £50 through to £1,000s. You can also choose from different themes such as Deal or No Deal and The Gold Room.

Bingo Bingo
bingo!” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by martathegoodone

Bingo: Eyes Down, Look In!: The Illustrated Guide to Bingo

This book is more of a fun read, with lots of humor and some interesting history about where some of the funny lexicon come from such as ‘Two fat ladies’, ‘One little duck’ and all those other strange terms that are like a second language to seasoned bingo players. Another really good reason to read this book is to see the lovely illustrations throughout it.

The Bingo Palace

If you like to read books with gripping storylines then The Bingo Palace is definitely worth a read. The story centers around money, love and dreams, with a controversial bingo palace construction storyline thrown in for good measure! You can read reviews about the book to make up your mind on whether this is your type of novel.

The Bingo Queens of Oneida

This book offers an interesting look into how a group of women in Wisconsin played a huge role in the popularity of the game in the 1970s. Not only does it show how the game grew in popularity in this area, but it also delves into how the game helped to raise the Oneida economy and helped the community overall. Much more than a book about the game of bingo, this novel shares significant developments in history, uplifting moments and community spirit.


Reading a book at the beach” (CC BY 2.0) by Simon Cocks

The Bingo Theory: A Revolutionary Guide to Love, Life and Relationships

Quite a different type of book to the others, this book talks through masculine and feminine energies and the benefits of having both of these types of energies. The bingo part is the name given to someone who has a winning combination of the two energies. This is a very insightful book that can help to improve areas of your life and therefore become a winner at life, i.e. a Bingo!

This selection should give you a good choice of books that are linked to bingo in one way or another, so why not give them a try when you have some time on your hands?

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