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10 Basic Essentials Every Kitchen Should Have

Check out your kitchen for a second. Do you notice that anything is missing that you might think you need? Well, if you’re like most people, there are few key utensils that you’re probably missing that you might have not even thought you needed. Without the right utensils, you might be stuck without the tools you need to make your favorite meals. It’s important that you have a fully-stocked kitchen so that you’re prepared to cook or bake whatever you may need.

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Keep reading down below to learn the top ten essentials that every single kitchen should have.

1. Measuring Spoons & Cups

First of all, we have measuring spoons and cups. If you don’t have these items in your kitchen drawer, then you’re in for a rude awakening when you need to do some baking or have a very specific recipe. Sure, you might think you can eyeball it, but it’s best to have the exact measuring tools on hand. You can get a pack of these pretty much anywhere, so you have no excuse!

2. Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are the best choice for your kitchen drawer, when compared with metal spoons. If you go with metal, you won’t be able to leave the spoon in the pot when you’re making dinner. The metal will get too hot and you won’t even be able to touch it! With wooden spoons, you won’t run into this problem and they’re going to last for a much longer time.

3. Grater

A grater is something that a lot of people forget about when getting the essentials for their kitchen. However, if a recipe calls for grated mozzarella cheese, there’s no other way to make that happen than grating a block of cheese. Get one for your kitchen and you’ll be thankful when you have it stored away.

4. Rolling Pin

If you do a lot of baking, then a rolling pin is pretty essential for you. A rolling pin will let you get that flat dough that you need to make your favorite cookies. Plus, the wooden material is going to last you for years before you need to replace it.

5. Colander

A colander (the thing you use to drain cans of fruits or pasta) is a must-have in any kitchen. There’s no other way that you’re going to drain away that boiling water from your pasta for dinner or rinse out that can of peas. You can either go with plastic or metal when choosing your colander.

6. Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are super essential to have in your kitchen. Chances are that you’re going to need to mix up some things every once in a while, for a recipe or two. That’s where the mixing bowls come into play. You’ll be able to pick some out (you can have different sizes laying around) and be ready to make that new dish.

7. Whisk

Sometimes a fork just isn’t going to do it. If you need to get something mixed up for a cake or other dessert, you’ve got to have a whisk to get the materials properly mixed. Go for a metal whisk and it’ll last you for years!

8. Spatulas

If you’re using pots and pans with a protective coating, then be sure to get plastic spatulas to use on those. If you have pots and pans without the coating, then feel free to use metal spatulas.

9. Stock Pot

A stock pot is useful if you’re going to make large quantities of soup or pasta. It’s best to have laying around if you’re going to be entertaining people or make a large amount of food to take to someone’s dinner.

10. Skillet

And of course, you’ve got to have a skillet or two laying around for when you fix meals. Have a larger one and a smaller one for the various cooking tasks you’ll need to do.

And there you have it! You should ensure that you have these kitchen essentials in the kitchen for when you need them the most. Even if you think you won’t use them, just get them in case you ever do!

And remember, cooking is one of the best remedies to get rid of stress. Work, work, work. Don’t stay ideal. If you want to stay ideal, meditate. If not, cook some great meals to rejuvenate your taste buds.

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