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7 Potty Training Tips for Toddlers

You think it’s time you make your toddler bid adieu to diapers. But you’re unsure how to go about it.

You don’t want to make this phase a mess for yourself. Before they start using the toilet, it’s important to make them habituated to use the potty.

There are a few tips and tricks to get this job done without tearing your hair out.

1. Don’t Rush

Don’t take the kid directly to the toilet seat as there are high chances for toddlers to dislike it right away.

All these months, your little champ had a diaper on. There wasn’t any need to pay attention to peeing or pooping. So you need to be patient.

Start changing the toddler’s diaper in the toilet. This way, the child knows that such businesses are to be done in the bathroom.

Talk to him about using the potty. Appreciate it when he tries to understand, even if he can’t use it yet.

2. Less Comfort Will Quicken It

The next step is to stop diapers. It goes a little hard on you considering all the cleaning you will have to do but you gotta hold on. Use cotton underwear for your child so that when he wets it, the uncomfortability will remind him to use the potty for the next peeing urge.

In most cases, kids are proven to prefer potty-usage easily in such conditions.

3. Make Them Go

When you ask “Do you want to go to the potty?”, no kid says “Yes, please help me put my pants down.” He simply nods no.

What you should rather do is take them to the potty saying “It’s time for the toilet.”. Daycare workers do exactly this. They take kids to the toilet 4 or 5 times a day at around regular times.

You can follow the same trick to make this task less dirty. Eventually, the child will get habituated to using the toilet when he needs it.

4. Late Learner

If your kid is above the age of potty training (2 to 3½ years), it is fine to introduce him to the toilet directly. Don’t worry. Few kids learn to adapt to no-diaper pretty late.

You can get the toilet fixed in your kid’s bathroom according to the type you need and follow the same tips as in potty training. This also works when your toddler is not really scared of the toilet.

For a few toilet types, a stool may be needed for the kid to reach the toilet comfortably.

5. Reward System

Rewards are a perfect way to teach kids any new habit, including potty training. The rewards don’t have to be high-end. A candy or any snack they love is giftable enough.

Don’t keep rewarding him for longer than a month. By the end, the toddler would surely finish his training up to a decent mark. Remember that appreciation in the family leaves a positive influence on them.

6. Bribe Them With Fun

If your child loves reading, make potty time into reading time for them. Get colorful, interesting books that the toddler would love. Rack them up beside the potty place.

If drawing is their idea of fun, get them simple drawing tools. Washable markers are given by many moms, despite the demand for extra cleaning.

You can encourage the kid to put stickers on the potty’s surface. They will start liking the potty time for the customization they get to do.

7. Tales a.k.a White Lies

There are also chances for the kid to be reluctant despite a lot of persuasion. To cover them all, make up interesting stories for the kid to try the potty.

Lie to them about why potty should be used. They’ll figure it out eventually but it’s not harmful. Your goal is to make your kid like the hygienic practice.

Explaining potty usage as science will only worsen things.

Additionally, you can talk to daycare workers and other moms (or dads – sometimes dads do it better), to find out what fun activities they have included for their kid’s potty training.

This is just a phase and this too shall pass successfully.

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