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Best Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp During Quarantine

Self-isolation at first felt like a much-deserved break that we all needed from our busy daily routines. A few days into the quarantine, feelings of boredom, and persistent inactivity has left many of us weary. For those suspected of exposure to the Coronavirus and are facing mandatory quarantine, or those complying with the government’s call for self-quarantine, we all have one thing in common; Our days are slowly sinking into a tedious rut that is simply mind-numbing!

As you well know by now, staying indoors and minimizing social interactions is hard work. Staying glued on the TV doesn’t help either as it only makes you more anxious. Here are a few tips to get your spirits up and your mental toughness at its best as the epidemic passes.

A Good Routine Always Comes In Handy

If all you do is sit and drug your feet around the house all day, chances are you will slowly slip into depression with little to look forward to. People thrive from social interactions, and when denied, their moods are all over the place. This is the reason behind the recent escalating reports of domestic violence.

A routine presents you with distractions that are not only specific to what you like but also invigorates your body, hence better emotional responses and mental processes. Since you had a schedule to maintain before the outbreak, finding the motivation to stick to a new routine will be relatively easy with a slight push. Give your day a definite structure, and you will eagerly jump out of bed every morning.

Call or Video Chat With Loved Ones Constantly

This will set you free from worry, loneliness, but most importantly, it will keep you grounded to your self-care routine practices. Other than using digital platforms to work remotely from home, connecting with friends, family, and lover will positively impact how you feel or think. Social distancing can even make relationships stronger and this is the time to be creative and take advantage of how smart our phones really are. 

Social Distance Doesn’t Mean Lack of Entertainment

Lucky for us, we live in the golden age of technology where almost every form of entertainment you enjoyed before COVID-19 can also be done during times of self quarantining or social distancing. If you enjoy the movies then this is the time to Netflix. If your ultimate entertainment involves club dancing then this is the time to become the next Tik-Tok star. If you want to feel like James Bond at the Baccarat table then this is the time to go online. No one will know if you don’t really know how to play baccarat, just print the rules and read them as you make your bets. Even better, no tuxedo needed. Dress up or down, invite friends for a zoom-night of entertainment if you want, and remember, quarantine shouldn’t be all doom and gloom! 

Spend Lesser Time On Social Media and Do Not Overly Obsess On News

Social media can sometimes be a rabbit hole that actively fuels insecurities, and when coupled up with the depressing news of the Coronavirus crisis, a dark cloud will always hover above your head. Stay informed and by all means, make your online rounds but keep it within healthy limits. Do not turn digital devices into an escape or the main priority of your day.

Pursue different things to keep your faculties engaged. Catch up on reading now that you have the chance, learn a new recipe, or obtain a new skill in the numerous learning platforms offered online.

For many people, especially workers, the lockdown has taken a significant toll on them as they are accustomed to the thrill of dealing with small and big problems in their workplace. Taking on the world, solving problems, and feeling productive gives them a profound sense of satisfaction. It is their life’s legacy and a reward mechanism in the ever-demanding nature of modern lifestyles. This is what the pandemic has deprived most of us, and the uncertainty of when it will all end is testing our sanity every day.

Avoid Prolonged Physical Inactivity

Now that you have more time on your hands, squandering it by lazing around will get you in a slump that will be difficult to get out of once the pandemic is over. The last thing you want is to be ineffective in your duties at work or school once the quarantine over.

By turning into a couch potato, every passing day will further your decline, and in the long run, affect your physical, emotional, and mental well being.

It is important to note that procrastinating is one of the major signs of a person in a slump. Develop a realistic weekly workout routine. Do not be overambitious when starting as it will slowly deter you from your goals.

Working up a sweat, drinking plenty of water, and eating wholesome meals will get your creative juices flowing, and by the time life goes back to normal, you will hit the ground running.

These are only a few suggestions that work perfectly for all ages and have incredible outcomes in keeping you sharp-witted!

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