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Shakuntali Siberia Will Reveal the Mission of Your Soul

 Why is it so important to understand your predestination? How does its realization bring success, happiness, health into your life? Why will you feel dissatisfaction, fatigue, and apathy all the time if you do not fulfill the mission of your soul? Shakuntali Siberia, expert in diagnostics of predestination, will help you see into this important matter.

Reference: Shakuntali Siberia – Enlightened woman, reincarnation of the Ukok princess, Northern Altai shaman priestess. Possesses clairvoyance, the talent of instant opening of predestination and healing abilities. Doctor of Psychology, founder of the International Academy of working with subconscious “Gyud”.

The past will tell the future

Human soul is reborn many times. It means we are linked to our past incarnations very closely. For example, we could have unfinished projects, goals or dreams in the past. If we did not succeed in some affair once, this goal or dream passes to the next incarnation. The person, who inherited this goal from their past, feels discomfort all the time.

For example, you have a passionate dream to visit Paris. It attracts you like a magnet. You don’t understand the reason for this desire, but that’s all you think about. You may not even have a clue that you were in a hurry to an important event in Paris, but you never got there in one of your past incarnations.

You might have been robbed on the way, or you got sick. But you did not achieve your goal. The striving to go to Paris remained however. We always try to accomplish the unfinished affair instinctively in reality.


This example is not extraordinary, of course. If you want to be in Paris, London or New York, you do not have to think about the reason for this urge. You can buy a ticket and go wherever you want to go. But there are other situations.

Let’s say that a person is tormented by the feeling that their existence is wrong throughout their life. There’s no way they can understand what they’re doing wrong. It means they are no longer able to hear the voice of their soul. This happens for various reasons, and it may not even be the person’s fault. But life has no meaning, joy, excitement or taste contrary to the aspirations of the soul. Therefore, the soul keeps sending signals that a person with pure consciousness can perceive, completely devoid of thoughts about their importance, welfare and benefit. Shakuntali Siberia belongs to this kind of people. She has been helping people to hear themselves and return to their own unique way of life for over 20 years.

Barbara, Los Angeles:

“My parents have been preparing me to take over the family business almost since I was a baby. We have a family business that has been passed down from parents to children for generations. No one ever thought to ask what I wanted to be when I grew up.

No, they did not limit my hobbies, they did not forbid me to play tennis, sing and swim. I had no lack of communication, my interests were not compromised by anyone. But I wasn’t happy either.

I was still a teenager when I began to feel a slight dissatisfaction with my life. Even though I was always good at everything I do, I was successful, something wasn’t right…

I naturally became a junior partner in the family business after university. The transactions I conducted made my father proud of me. But I wasn’t happy about the job.

Fate helped me meet Shakuntali Siberia one day. She talked about the importance of understanding your predestination, how to realize it and bring success, happiness, health in life. And vice versa, you will feel dissatisfied, fatigued, and apathetic all the time if you do not fulfill the mission of your soul. Then I thought that probably all my problems originate from not understanding my predestination. I signed up for a diagnostic.

During the diagnostics, Shakuntali Siberia was able to find out that once in my distant childhood I witnessed a car accident when a motorcyclist hit our family’s favorite dog. It was then that I had a clear message emerged in my subconscious what to devote my life to.

It was Shakuntali Siberia who helped me realize my predestination. From that moment on, I followed the call of my heart and established a rehabilitation center for animals that were injured by people or elements. It became the meaning of my life. A few months later, my shelter received its first guest. We have over 100 animals now.

I dedicate all my time only to the shelter now. My parents could not understand my sudden decision at once. Nevertheless they accepted it and reached out to me. My younger brother took my position in the family business. I was finally happy to realize my true predestination.

Accept your fate

Shakuntali Siberia does not only determine your mission on Earth, but also advises on how to remove the obstacles that hinder its implementation during diagnostics. When you come to Shakuntali Siberia, be prepared for any turn of events. Sometimes she will tell you only one phrase, but you will be very surprised analyzing it thoroughly. This phrase will change your whole life dramatically.


Sometimes it is difficult for a person to accept that their predestination is contrary to their usual way of life. One of Shakuntali Siberia’s students opposed his predestination for eight years. It was only years later that he could accept what Shakuntali Siberia told him at the diagnostics. Now he is eternally grateful to the master for revealing the truth to him and making him a happy man.

If you still do not understand the reason you came to this world, did not find your life predestination, ask Shakuntali Siberia for help. By conducting a diagnostics of predestination, she will reveal the deepest meaning of your existence and advise you how to realize your true predestination and overcome all obstacles on your way.

Everyone now can return the ability to hear the voice of their soul because Shakuntali Siberia conducts unique online sessions as part of her temple school. Sign up! Be happy!

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