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5 Free-Time Ideas To Boost Your Life And Brain

You are alone at home on holiday. It’s the perfect occasion to start doing something different from your everyday routine. No work or study, no commitments, no duties… only you and your imagination. It sounds great to experience a day like never before. But the fact is that you had no time to plan anything particular to do, so now you can’t get a clue about what you can do to spend the whole day at home.

How To Pick The Right Free-Time Option

After all, how many things you may want to do? You have more or less endless opportunities to pick a funny free-time activity to do, but how to pick the right option? If you are struggling with this, just know that it’s normal and we are here to give you a few extra ideas and pieces of advice to let you spend a great day at home.

Let’s get it started with this list of free-time activities where you can find your ideal solution to boost your free-time while improving your memory skills, mental focus, brain potentials. You must allow your brain to “stay active” working on an activity that is funny at the same time. Take a pen and paper for the following ideas:

Video games

One of the first things you may think to do is to take your Smartphone and spend some time playing games. The current gaming industry is a lively and dynamic sector in the worldwide economy, so you’ll have certainly plenty of choices. Along with arcade video games, adventure games, games for girls, there are also superb casino games. Roulette, poker, blackjack are just three examples of the most chosen games in the casino segment. You can play a free game version to try the game first and then you can switch to the real-money version. In this case, you have to send a deposit to the casino. In particular, Australia Casino explains the rise of cryptocurrencies among the most used payment methods to make deposits, it’s a new trend that you may consider.

Reading books

It’s probably one of the most “classic” options that we all know. Reading books has always been one of the most diffused free-time activities ever. Today, you can access an endless number of book titles through the web and read novels after novels online, if you love digital solutions. Nevertheless, a traditional book made of paper still stays the best option if you don’t want to stay connected all the time. A great choice would be to pick a self-development book that helps you gain knowledge about yourself or your personality. Self-development books are excellent to improve specific aspects of your life and professional attitude.


Another pretty classic free-time activity that you already know since the school days. Writing is a powerful weapon to defeat any boring day. Today, thanks to the digital tools, you can even write blogs, tweets, Facebook comments, and stories. In less than you think, you will sharpen your writing skills, expand your vocabulary, improve your writing style. It’s not important the topic you want to write about, just pick a subject that you like and write in all freedom! Share your thoughts, knowledge of that topic, ideas, passion, and anything that you feel you can communicate with other people. Writing is excellent to convey messages and make other people learn more.

Learn a language

This sounds like a more “intellectual” free-time activity but it’s perfect if you want to boost your time and brain all at the same time. Becoming bilingual opens the door to many cognitive benefits, beyond new social relationships and, why not? even new professional opportunities. Learning a language requires a strong passion, determination, consistency, but in a couple of years, you may be able to watch a movie/video interview in that language without the need for subtitles. Learning a new language keeps your memory always active and it boosts your skills in creating sentences using different structures and word order. It will also take you closer to the culture and history of that language.


Here’s a creative activity that will let you spend happy hours in your kitchen! Cooking is a stress-releasing activity and even if you are a novice you can always start learning to prepare new dishes and experiment with foods. You may get passionate about foreign cuisines, for example, and introduce healthy foods in your diet. Start looking at cooking forgetting that it’s an everyday necessity, consider cooking an opportunity to discover and try new flavors, or re-discover some childhood classics that your grandma used to prepare on special days.

All you have to do is to enjoy what you do, your brain and body will accordingly take large benefits from that!

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