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Taking Action: Donna Leah Designs Superhero T-shirt Collection That Gives Back

It’s one of our favorite and most comfortable pieces of clothing, but it can also be a powerful way to help others. The Donna Leah Designs Superhero t-shirt collection is more than just a piece of clothing. It’s a way to support a cause that makes a difference in the lives of children and their families in our local community.

“The idea is to dedicate a percentage of profits to something that is more than the brand itself,” explains Donna Leah, Founder of Donna Leah Designs. “With each purchase you make, a percentage goes into a mission that we care deeply about. We wanted to make a difference and inspire others to do the same. When we do a positive act of kindness, it can empower us to do more good things.”

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Donna Leah explains that her passion comes from a deep need to help others. “Personally, I believe that it does not matter if the desire to give to a cause stems from a personal experience or if it’s just something that you feel that you need to do. We can feel compassion and be driven to lend a helping hand by supporting organizations that are great at what they do. What matters is that people come together and are aware that they can make a difference.”

The Superhero collection uses powerful words and phrases to encourage feelings of empowerment and a can-do attitude. Currently, the t-shirts are benefitting the Milagro Center in Delray, Florida. The organization’s uniquely integrated programs focus on empowering children and their families to succeed, both in school and in life, having a resounding positive influence on the local community.

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The shirts are soft and feature contemporary styling for children and adults. Available from $30 – $85 at Donna Leah Designs, and for each shirt sold the company will donate 5% of the proceeds to the Milagro Center. Children’s sizes are also available in XS, S, M, and L. Messages on the shirts include “Lead Don’t Follow”, “Super Hero” and “Super Chic, Super Freak, Super Hero”.

“Growing up I had a dream to become a designer of a line of clothing that I loved and could feel passionate about. That vision came true and it is my wish to help others achieve their goals through a program that makes everyone feel good about helping one another,” she explains. “I decided to call the collection the Superhero collection because I believe that within each one of us has the power to be a superhero. We have the power to make a positive change. Children truly understand that message so well.”

Donna Leah continues, “When a community comes together to give back, the impact can be a great one. Wear something that is not only stylish but is also extremely meaningful!”

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