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Celebrity Inspired Jewelry Trends in 2020

Celebrities are usually the ones to set the trends in fashion. So, whether they’re out shopping or take your eyes with a flashy Oscar Gala outfit, you can make sure their outfit will be in line with the newest trends.

As such, we took a peek at what the celebrities and models wear this year, and here are our conclusions in terms of jewelry and accessories.

Pearls are Back in Fashion

While we can’t say they ever fell out of love with fashionistas, pearls are usually associated with high-end social events. Also, a pearl necklace is usually found in movies depicting past time periods.

But recently, it seems that the classic pearl necklace and earrings have made a comeback. Celebrities like Michelle Obama, Blake Lively, and Emma Watson wear them proudly at events and for fashion magazine photoshoots.

Even more, pearls are not just accessories to elegant outfits. You can also see them as part of extremely stylish designs like the ones presented by Billy Porter and Shaun Ross at the Oscars or the Grammy Awards. So, if you want to add this timeless piece to your collection, visiting a trusted jewelry store should be the first task on your to-do list.

Animal Motif

Necklaces can never go out of style, but the ones with an animal motif are crazy popular in 2020. Whether it’s a giant scorpion resting on your collar or a deep necklace with fish charms (presented by Dior), the fashion magazines and catwalks are in awe!

True, not everyone can pull off flamingos around their neck, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have options. There is an entire collection of Diamondere necklaces, in all shapes, sizes, and colors, from which to choose your favorite.

An Unexpected Touch

What’s the last thing you’d expect to see used as an accessory to an elegant outfit? In this fashion season, it’s a pen earring or a huge pin. This year’s fashion statements are designed to take the viewer by surprise, so they use jewelry shaped as regular objects (like a pen or an oversized safety pin).

We also have to mention the oversized chains trend – whenever you want to direct attention to a specific area of your outfit, a huge chain (simple or colorful) will do the trick!

Colorful Stones

Simplicity is no longer in trend! Nowadays, you’re only fashionable if you wear colorful stones – the bigger, the better. Designers love to play with different shapes and textures, and celebrities enjoy the extra joy brought forth by these pieces.

And who doesn’t need a bit of extra happiness in their lives?

Wrap Up

Fashion trends come and go, which is why it’s important to know how to choose your accessories. Still, if you want to dress like a star, you will have to accessorize like one as well. This also means you will have to wear their attitude as well since none of the pieces mentioned above are shy.

In today’s amazing times both men and women wear jewelry, and they love it! We are no longer bound by illogical gender rules and the designers work hard to help us appreciate this freedom with amazing pieces.

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