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6 Holiday Ideas that the Whole Family Will Enjoy

While family vacations can be a source of great joy, they can also be a source of great stress. This is especially common in bigger families, when people may not have the same interests. Most commonly, parents want some well-deserved rest, while kids want to be kept busy. Let us share our top tip to make your family holiday a success: make sure that there’s something to do for everyone. But that’s easier said than done, right? Don’t stress – keep reading as we discuss our top six holiday ideas that are sure to leave everyone smiling, from the young to the old and everyone in between.

Ski trips

Ski trips are great because you have two options: either you can stay at the ski lodge, drinking hot chocolate by the fire, and just letting yourself relax once you’re away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Or, you can pull on your puffer jackets, strap on your skis, and go for an adventure! If the first option sounds like your ideal getaway, but the second one sounds like something the young ones will enjoy, we have good news for you! Most ski lodges will require your children to have a few lessons before they hit the slopes on their own, meaning you can leave your children in the safe hands of a professional, while you get your chill time. Be sure to enquire whether you’ll have to buy your own kids skis or whether they provide them.


Just like with ski trips, cruises are great for the parents who want to let loose without constantly worrying about their children. Most cruise ships have a variety of activities, including programs for children that are always supervised. You can relax by the pool while your kids get to explore the cruise ship safely. Of course, if you want to join in on some of the festivities, nothing is stopping you. Keep in mind that one thing that will certainly make this holiday less fun is if anyone is suffering from seasickness. You can click here for some ways to stop this from happening.


Camping isn’t for everyone, we know. But there’s no one way of camping anymore. These days, you can get the fun parts of camping without any of the hard work. This is known as glamping and includes permanent tents that are set up with a kitchen, bathroom, and beds. Of course, if you want to go the old-fashioned way and set up your tent, it’s bound to be a great bonding experience for the entire family. Camping is a good way for everyone in the family to use their skills and feel valuable.

Beach holiday

Is there anything that gets a child more excited than the mention of going to the beach? We don’t think so. While many adults may not enjoy the beach as much as they used to in their younger years, it will likely make your children happy, and if they’re happy, you’re happy. You don’t need to swim in the ocean if that’s not your thing. Simply take a towel or chair, and spend the day reading, napping, and breathing in the fresh ocean air. Be sure to take a day or two to just spend at the hotel if that’s what you need. It’s also a good idea to have a checklist for the things you need for a perfect beach day.

Go abroad

An overseas trip is always an exciting time for everyone, especially if no one in the family has been to that location. Trips abroad are sure to always be filled with lots of memories, and it’s a good way to try something new if your family always takes the same trips. Of course, overseas travel may not be an option right now due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, but that means you have more time to save up and make it a truly great holiday.

Holiday resorts

Sometimes, we want to plan every last second of our holidays, from the meals we’ll be cooking to the things we’ll be doing each day. Other times, this may feel like work, and no one wants a holiday that feels like work. Holiday resorts are ideal for when you want an easy vacation. Simply show up, and take your pick when it comes to restaurants and activities. Most holiday resorts have a variety of different things to do, from spa packages for those who want to relax to water slides for those who want an adrenaline rush, so it’s the perfect way to please the entire family.

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