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14 Interesting Facts About London Every Visitor Needs to Know

Traveling to London can be an amazing adventure. While the city may not be the hidden gem of Europe, it’s certainly worthy of your exploration. Locals will tell you that Madame Tussauds and Big Ben are just two of the various tourist attractions worth your visit.

In fact, experienced travelers know that London has much more to offer altogether. As a traveler, you already have the basic itinerary nailed down to a T. But you will be surprised to learn these 14 facts!

1. That famous structure isn’t Big Ben

You’re probably confused just by reading this and that’s understandable. Movies and TV shows have long attributed the name Big Ben to the looming tower tourists seem to be obsessed with. So, then what is it actually called? Here’s where it gets tricky. Essentially, the structure itself is called the Elizabeth Tower but the bell inside it is referred to as ‘Big Ben’. 

2. London flaunts an extensive variety of amazing Indian restaurants

Over the years, London has welcomed thousands of foreigners who now call it home. The increasing diversity has had many impacts – each individual has brought something special from their culture to the West. 

Perhaps the most unique and appreciated thing to be introduced to Western natives are the tantalizing South Asian flavors found in Indian cuisine. 

If you’re visiting for the first time, don’t be surprised to see a ton of Indian restaurants. Contrary to popular belief, the food isn’t sweat-breaking spicy, and you can expect to enjoy every single bite.

3. Expect to see plenty of apartment buildings

If you’ve been doting over Monica and Rachel’s apartment from Friends, you’ll definitely love what London has to offer. Because the city is so cosmopolitan, the locals tend to prefer apartments over homes in the suburbs. This is partly because the city hosts thousands of young people.

But how do they manage in such small spaces when larger apartment prices are through the roof? By renting out a storage unit location, of course. London has various storage companies, especially popular ones like STORED. Therefore, the storage options are enough to help locals secure their belongings outside the home.

4. Ever wanted to visit a forest? Go to London

Yes, you read that right. Not many people know that London is officially a forest, at least according to the definition laid out by global authorities. There are thousands of trees and it’s highly unlikely that you won’t spot one after walking a mile.

5. You don’t have to pay for Museum Tours

Museums in London are virtually free of cost. As unbelievable as it seems, it is 100% true. While this doesn’t hold for each one out there, most don’t charge you any entrance fee. 

So, if you’re a fan of history and artifacts, there’s no need to save up extra cash to go to a museum. The National Portrait Gallery and the British Museum are just a couple of those you can go to without reaching for your wallet.

6. Travelling isn’t that expensive

One of the biggest misconceptions is that traveling in London is expensive. Technically, it isn’t and you shouldn’t let anyone convince you otherwise. That said, taking a cab or calling an Uber every single day will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. 

Traveling through the tube, on the other hand, is cheap because you can get a railcard. The latter is available at any train station and you qualify for it as long as you’re not a sole traveler between the ages of twenty-six and sixty. London is very prominent with independent London escorts from all around the world offering services starting from £50 to £250 per hour. 

7. Ditch the tube, get a bike!

If you know how to ride a bike, don’t hesitate to rent one for touring the city. There are plenty of self-service stations where you can pick one up and go about your adventure. The best part is that commuting this way is incredibly cheap which means you can save up for that 5-star dinner you’ve always wanted.

8. Explore different parts of the world in Camden

London’s hidden gem, Camden Town, is truly a sight for sore eyes. The streets are brimming with culture and cuisine. And it’s not uncommon to find visitors here buying souvenirs for friends back home or munching on delicious food.

9. Go to Tram Shed Restaurant

We’ve all heard about eating at the barn but how about eating with a cow swimming in the water above you? This quirky idea isn’t merely just that, it’s a reality in the form of a restaurant. Rest assured; you won’t be anything less than intrigued. Plus, the food is pretty delicious!

10. You’ll need good shoes

Styling in sandals is probably not a good idea for tourists in London. You need to have a sturdy pair of sneakers to ease all the walking, and you will be doing a lot of it.

11. Get an Oyster card

Want to travel on the bus? Well then, get your hands on an Oyster card because cash payments are no longer accepted. This is one of the biggest shocks first-time Londoners get so don’t be one of them.

12. You won’t need the umbrella every day

As far as exaggerations go, the saying that it rains in London every day is farthest from the truth. The weather isn’t that bad and it’s actually pretty nice during the summer. Regardless, do keep an umbrella in your bag because the weather may take an unexpected turn.

13. Be wary of traffic

London is geographically the smallest city in the UK, however, the influx of people to the area is rather unforgiving. During rush hour, the roads can get pretty cramped up which is why you shouldn’t rely on cabs to go everywhere. Chances are that you’ll get stuck in traffic at some point and end up derailing your plan for the day.

14. Moving to London isn’t difficult

If you’ve already been to London, you know that the capital is a brilliant place to settle in. It offers all sorts of opportunities for adults, students, and families. Verily, your decision to move here is definitely a good one. 

With STORED, that has never been easier. As London’s top storage and moving company, their professionals can help you complete the transition smoothly. You can choose a storage unit location nearest to your new place and transfer all the stuff there until you’re fully ready to move in. 

To top it off, the storage outlet you select won’t be too expensive either. STORED offers affordable prices for an all-inclusive service that maximizes your convenience. 

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