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How Can Cloud Help Remote Teams Work Seamlessly?

The current pandemic has affected not just people but also businesses. A lot of companies were forced to shut down their operations. And those who were able to sustain themselves asked employees to work from home in order to prevent the spread of the disease. Remote work has now become the new normal. And during the height of this epidemic, the job market saw a huge rise in remote jobs. Although many organizations allowed WFH so that their employees can stay safe and healthy, most teams were challenged to bring their workloads online so that the workers can do their job.

However, there are some workloads that cannot be transitioned into remote work. For instance, sales operations cannot be executed during such a time as it is a field job. Hence, a lot of sales forces had to readjust their approaches to customer engagement. Luckily, there were various cloud services available that helped companies to transition to remote work easily. With that said, let’s now see how the cloud has helped remote teams to operate across different business functions.

#1. Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is something that every company values the most. After all, maintaining a good relationship with clients and customers is what helps a company thrive. This is the reason why every business focuses on customer relationship management. Today, there are many sophisticated CRM software available that can help companies to build solid relationships with customers. They not just enable business owners to record client information but also help plan various engagement activities. It can even automate different marketing tasks.

Cloud-based systems have helped companies keep in touch with their customers during Covid-19. And even during a time when customer service representatives and salespeople are working from home, both cloud and CRM platforms have proved to be extremely effective for them. Marketers while working remotely can easily launch campaigns that can foster customer loyalty and stimulate customer interest.

#2. Governance

There are some specific areas of business that would not have been able to go remote if it wasn’t for the advantages of the cloud. Activities like disbursements, and payroll need to have strict management which is why they are conducted in a workplace. If there wasn’t a secure way to facilitate this, there would have been chances for businesses to withstand losses. However, cloud services have taken care of this. There are various governance platforms available that let executives review important documents securely. They can even sign agreements.

#3. Productivity

Thanks to the collaboration and communication platforms, teams have remained highly productive even in the midst of a pandemic. There are a number of online productivity suites like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace that easily cover most of the need for office tasks such as emails, spreadsheets, and word processing. And guess what? These platforms have their own cloud storage. This means that you can easily share your work files with your team leads and managers.

As for communication, there are platforms like Google Meet and Zoom that let teams interact with each other. The best thing about these services is that they provide useful options like screen sharing and digital whiteboards which can come in handy during meetings.


There is no denying that cloud computing has helped a lot in letting companies shift to remote working. And that too with great ease! With the help of the cloud, even those departments which initially seemed impossible to move to the remote space have made the transition successfully. Due to cloud services and other useful applications, every need of your business can be catered, so long as the cloud is constantly up and running properly, which is why businesses are looking for cloud IT services in order to avoid any mishaps with the cloud. Plus, the teams can remain connected as long as all the employees are subscribed to a reliable internet provider such as Cox cable services.

Covid-19 sure has disturbed businesses. But thankfully, cloud computing is helping companies to run their operations successfully. And this makes a huge difference for their survival during these challenging times.    

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