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How to Apply Eyelash Extensions at Home?

DIY lash extensions are easy to apply at home without the help of anybody. They are affordable and come in several styles to create a stunning look for bald and dull-looking eyes. Professionals, models, and everybody who wants to look attractive uses them daily.

It is safe to use DIY lash extensions if you apply them properly and maintain them with care. Applying lash extensions is easy to do in the home rather than spending hundreds of dollars on getting it done in a parlor.

It only requires little practice and some patience to get it right, and there are plenty of online resources to show you how to do it perfectly. All you need is a good startup kit from a reputed brand with a branded glue, sterilized tweezers, and the perfect lashes that suit your face and eye shape.

Prepping the eyes

The best time to apply the lashes is right after the shower, as the eyes are completely free of makeup. If not, try to wash the face and clean all the makeup from the eyes before applying the DIY lashes. It is better to use oil-free makeup remover because the oil and the glue used to stick the lashes do not work well.

Remove makeup like mascara and eyeliner, clean the eyes and pat it dry before applying for the lash extensions. Lilac St at-home lash extensions are a breeze to use without anybody’s help, and they can get applied in just ten minutes.

They come in numerous varieties suitable for different occasions with ultralight lashes, extra concentrated fibers, and multiple lengths and thicknesses. A few other popular brands are Vavalash, Eylure luxe lashes, and Sweed lashes.

Applying the lash extensions

Always ensure you are in a well-lit room in front of a comfortable mirror. Use mirrors that magnify your eyes to apply the lashes perfectly and avoid sticking the glue directly to the lash strands. Take the glue in a Q-tip and apply it behind the eyelash strands to avoid over-glue.

Take the strands in a tweezer and stick them on the eyelids within 15 to 20 seconds of using the glue. Though it sounds simple, it might be tricky and elusive for the first few times you apply them.

With practice, everybody gets better by experimenting with different brands, styles, layering, and using extra strands. Once you apply the base strand, add additional layers and the strands at the end of the eyes or in the middle. Layer to get the exact thickness and trim the lashes as you see fit after sticking them.

Aftercare and maintenance

Once you apply the lashes, avoid rubbing your eyes too much or using heated curls often. There is no other need to maintain it as most of the reputed DIY eyelashes are waterproof and sleep proof. Do not rub your face, especially your eyes, much in the shower, and avoid using too many eye drops. Use the makeup remover carefully around the eyes without saturating the false eyelashes lest it might fall off.

Note that it is also important to know how properly store your eyelash kit, For tips and proper procedure, read eyelash adhesive storage tips.

Removal and re-application

Removing the eyelashes is easy as there are clear instructions on doing them in most of the reputed brand’s eyelash manuals. Soak the eye area with an oil-based solvent for makeup remover, which will weaken the glue.

Some brands even provide glue solvents that can be soaked in a cotton ball and applied upon the lashes to peel them off effortlessly. Alternatively, you can dip a q tip on an oil-free makeup remover, saturate the false eyelashes well and roll the q-tips with light pressure to remove them.

It is always better to discard the used lashes after one use if used for more than a week. Sometimes women use the lashes only for a few hours at a party or for a special event. Remove the lashes as per the instructions given and wash them gently by soaking them in alcohol for 10 to 15 minutes.

It will get rid of all the germs accumulated in the eyelashes. Watch them again with clean water, and then store them in the same case you purchased the lashes. You can reapply the lashes again after a few days using some glue. They can get reused up to three to five times by following the same procedure.

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