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10 Tuscan Moments That Will Make for An Unforgettable Trip

Are you planning an unforgettable trip to Tuscany to make everyone envy you? Tuscany tours provide an exhilarating journey to its rolling green hills and enchanting villages.

With an abundance of gorgeous architecture, vineyards, and a stunning coastline, this is a trip you will remember forever. To fully enjoy your vacation in Tuscany without stress, why not try to stay in one of Italian villas for rent Tuscany and experience country-side living? Get the best of your activities, tours, and experiences for a remarkable adventure ahead. Here are the tips to follow.

1. Taste the Delicious Truffles in San Miniato

The aromatic and pricey fungus of San Miniato is the most famous in Tuscany. Sample these truffles in the little agricultural town equidistant from Pisa and Florence. Take a guided walk to learn about the rich heritage of the city.

2. Cortona Day-Trip

After Venice, the city of Cortona has become the most famous in Italy. With the agricultural plain of the Valdichiana and unforgettable view over Lago Trasimeno in Umbria, the city attracts the most tourists nowadays. Get lost in the charms this beautiful city has to offer.

3. Get Wild in the Monti dell’Uccellina

Monti dell’Uccellina is famous for its pristine stretches of coastline. The regional park in the Maremma region has coastal plains, forest-covered hills, marshes, and an empty upland interior. This place has preserved natural treasures for much of the last five hundred years.

4. Pilgrimage to La Verna

Tourists come to La Verna to visit St Francis’s, a thriving Franciscan monastery commanding magnificent views of the Apennines. You can pay your homage in the monastery or stay in the guesthouse adjoining the monks’ quarters.

5. Explore Uffizi, Florence

The world’s greatest collection of Italian Renaissance paintings in Florence lies in Uffizi. These masterpieces are a sight to behold on Tuscany tours, as you can explore these beautiful art collections. Book your trip in advance to skip the lines and spend the day scouting the museum.

6. Take a Hike in the Alpi Apuane

Alpi Apuane of Northern Tuscany is known as the botanical wonderland. It boasts vast forests of beech and chestnut. You can take a walk on the clearly marked footpaths and longer trails, where you can spot birds such as kestrels, buzzards, and golden eagles.

7. Piero della Francesca Masterpieces in Arezzo

At any time in the choir of San Francesco, only 25 people are allowed to explore. Observe the exquisite Renaissance works adorned at the stunning fresco cycles in Arezzo by Piero della Francesca.

8. Roam the Streets of San Gimignano

Famous for its impressive skyline, which is dominated by fifteen medieval towers, San Gimignano – “delle Belle Torri” is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. The beautifully preserved streets act as a charm for most of the people visiting Tuscany.

9. Sightseeing in Pisa

Campo dei Miracoli in Pisa offers a breathtaking array of buildings such as the Leaning Tower, the enormous Romanesque cathedral, the magnificent baptistery of the Camposanto.

10. Wander the City Walls in Lucca

Take a walk in the city of Lucca, known for some of the most handsome Romanesque buildings in Europe.

Visit Tuscany, the land of the classic landscapes of Italy, medieval hill-towns, Renaissance paintings, rows of cypresses, vineyards, and olive groves. Find yourself lost in its beautiful history, heritage, and culture.

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