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4 Ways to Develop Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

The workforce has irrevocably changed, and with the “labor shortage” impacting businesses across a broad spectrum of industries amidst the still-evolving threat of the global pandemic, it is continuing to change at this very moment.

That being said, intelligent recruiters will see the widespread labor shortage for what it is: an opportunity. Many burnt-out workers took the time given to them by the pandemic to begin pursuing other career paths, which means that for recruiters, there’s no better time to acquire fresh talent than now. Your business will need to change with the times, updating its recruitment marketing strategies to reflect employee needs if you want to take advantage of this unique opportunity and secure new staff.

Wondering where to start? We’ve got you covered.

1. Get A Measure of the Perception of Your Brand

In order to determine the success of the changes you’ll make, you first have to get a good idea of a baseline: how are you perceived by the public at large? Are you perceived as an excellent company to work for, and if so, why?

Be sure to also take time to ask top-performing employees how they feel about your brand. Make sure to get a broad sample size, so you get helpful feedback instead of soulless fluff. You want to know what your employees like about working for you, as well as the areas you can improve in. Any feedback is good feedback, as even the negative feedback might help you understand turnover rates and lessen them in the future.

To this end, make sure you also look at reviews given by past employees of your company on job boards and factor that feedback into account. Pay attention to negative reviews, as they can impair any positive public perception of your brand.

2. Communicate a Clear Employee Value Proposition

An employee value proposition (or EVP) can be defined as what you offer employees in exchange for what they do for you. Things like a competitive rate of pay, flexible schedules, work-from-home options or hybrid environments, and insurance benefits should definitely be placed front and center in any promotional materials you release.

EVP is what gives you the edge over your competition. While cost-cutting is also essential, you should always strive to improve and maintain your EVP, as if employees join your company and do not receive the advertised benefits, you’ll have a significantly higher turnover rate.

3. Use Your Social Media to the Fullest Extent

Your social media is one of the primary ways you’ll connect with your audience: don’t be afraid to load it with content that praises your corporate values, highlights your EVP, and spotlights hardworking employees.

On a side note, just like your postings should be all over a variety of job boards, you should have a social media presence on every major site: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are a few good places to start.

4. Take a Look at Running a Programmatic Ad Campaign

This is an absolute must for any recruitment marketing campaign, having quickly become the industry standard. Programmatic Ad Campaigns, by means of an algorithm, purchase, place, and optimize ad content all at the behest of the talent acquisition firm that designed them. They can save you a lot of headaches and eliminate a lot of the guesswork that may occur initially when considering purchasing ads.

While it does require going through a third party and might not be strictly necessary, programmatic ad campaigns can certainly be valuable tools for optimizing your recruitment marketing strategy. You can visit for a recruitment marketing guide.

Your Brand, Your Marketing Campaign

As things continue to change moving forward, it will get more and more important to be able to communicate to potential employees what your company can provide for them. Making these changes now during this period of constant change will better equip your company to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic, and to face that brave new world with the confidence that it is one of the leading brands in your field.

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