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What Can the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus Do For You?

If you have wanted to invest in a robot vacuum for your home cleaning needs, you might be wondering if these little devices are as good as people say they are. You might also have seen that you will have to empty a messy bin after each time the robot cleans the house and this might have been a big turn-off for you.

What if you could get a robot vacuum that would not only vacuum and mop, it would sterilize your floors and take out the mess when it was done with its work? The Robot Vacuum Eve Plus can do all of this and more and you will love having access to this handy tool that will take care of all of the work of keeping your home clean with no effort on your part.

Cleans and Sterilizes

There are not many robot vacuums on the market that do more than just clean up dust and grime off the floor. Mopping and sterilizing is a truly unique benefit of this machine and you will get access to cleaning power that removes bad smells, eliminates messes from spills, and helps control the mess by emptying itself when it is done cleaning. The 3L dust bag holds the equivalent of 30 dust bins for competitor models and you will not have to clean the waste more often than every couple of months.

Laser Navigation and Powerful Cleaning

This clever machine will not drive around bumping into this blindly like other models of vacuum. It knows when it is on its dock and will only empty the dust bin then and it will take care of this process automatically. You will never have to help it dispose of dust mites, pet hair or microbes that it might have picked up on the floor. The side brushes are made to sweep debris straight into the vacuum, eliminating the chances that dust and debris will become airborne and make allergies worse.

The smart, multi-floor mapping algorithm will learn the shape of the floors of your home and will clean all of the spaces that need attention every time without exception. Other machines will miss spots all the time, but the Robot Vacuum Eve Plus will never drive past a mess without cleaning it up. This vacuum also uses long-side first and bow-shaped cleaning planning to increase accuracy as it travels through your home.

Excellent Battery Life

You can count on this robot to be able to take care of all of your cleaning needs without running out of juice. You will get access to a large 5,200 mAh battery that offers 250 minutes of operation time and up to 250 square meters of cleaning.

Custom Cleaning With the App

If you want to be able to track the behavior and cleaning success of your vacuum, the app will let you do so with ease. You can also set custom room names and cleaning schedules, no-go zones, and cleaning paths with the app. Voice control is offered through Alexa and Google Assistant as well. There is no easier vacuum to operate and you can check up on your cleaning assistant at any time to adjust performance and behaviors with ease.

Cleans With Ease

You will get access to 2,700 pa of suction with this vacuum and the side brushes rotate at different speeds of your choosing. You can also change the flexible nozzle to help with different style flooring. The smart water tank offers precise water control which will never lead to spills and messes. You get access to 250ml of water capacity and the precise hand-mopping cleaning style uses a 3-stage and Y-route cleaning style.

This machine will slow down before hitting things and it has a superior IR sensor which allows it to adjust for items in its path with ease. No more crashing, bumping or mopping things that you don’t want it to come into contact with. The vacuum will also climb up to 2cm thresholds to cross into different rooms with ease. If it gets stuck, it will use its built-in rocking algorithm to get free and keep working.

The Best Robot Vacuum You Can Buy

There is no better robot vacuum on the market today and the Roidmi EVE Plus is an amazing assistant that will keep your home clean, sterile, and mopped with ease. You will not have to help it to empty its bin, clean up the water from its mopping cycle or find its home. It knows how to take care of your every need and it will do so without making a lot of noise or needing help getting around.

This is a high—quality vacuum that offers cleaning functionality that you will not get from any other robot vacuum on the market today.

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