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The 14 Best Biographies and Memoirs of All Time

Famous people, living their lives, often leave behind some kind of history or memoirs. These memories hold deep wisdom and can answer many exciting questions. Autobiographical books show the true essence of a person, reveal his secrets, secrets, which is why the reader is particularly interested in this genre of literature. Currently, there are a huge number of such stories of great people on the book market, and you always want to read exactly that biography that you don’t want to postpone after reading the first page. Look for the best biographies of all times n our TOP-14. Books about “great” people can radically change your opinion about some popular personalities.

Ashley Vance “Ilon Musk. Tesla, SpaceX and a fantastic way to go.”

The author has put in an incredible job in order to write a true biography of one of the most successful businessmen and engineers of our time. You will learn many facts from the life of the most famous technology visionary, completely immerse yourself in the fascinating process of creating and developing startups, whose activities change the life of humanity every day.

Henry Ford “Life that Robot”

Henry Ford is a man everyone definitely knows. It was he who made a real breakthrough in the automotive industry, and in production in general.

Here is an autobiographical book that tells about the formation of Mr. Ford as an engineer, shows his attitude to life, family and his country.

George Roddam “Tse Van Gogh”

If you are fond of art and want to expand your knowledge about an artist who managed to sell only one single painting in his life, and after his death became the idol of millions and the author of some of the most expensive paintings in the world, then this edition is for you.

Daniel Smith “Dumati, yak Winston Churchill”

The book is about, undoubtedly, the most influential Briton of the twentieth century. Thanks to Daniel Smith and his biographical work, everyone will learn about the defining moments and key principles of Winston Churchill, about his life position and his own philosophy, as well as how he made fateful decisions and overcame failures.

Walter Isaacson “Steve Jobs”

Steve Jobs is undoubtedly an ideal for many, because he was able to make our familiar world more comfortable, progressive and beautiful. What a mark the activist left behind him, to say too much. But to find out new details of his life, which had never been revealed to anyone before, is another matter. Of course, this is what the best biography books should be.

John D. Rockefeller “How I Made 500,000,000. Memoirs of a Billionaire”

The life story of John Rockefeller, a great investor, businessman, American entrepreneur and philanthropist, is presented in a fascinating manner. He – is the first “dollar” billionaire in the history of mankind.

Scott Farris “Inґa”

A fascinating novel about an interesting, extraordinary, charismatic and very beautiful woman Inge. She had longed to join the adventures of her men all her life, and instead became the biggest adventure of their lives. By nature, she was endowed with that magnetism that attracted strong and promising men of the twentieth century to her.

Plus don’t forget about there:

  • Duncan Clarke “Alibaba. The history of world ascent “.
  • The most complete and comprehensive insider revelation of an English teacher who became famous throughout the world thanks to the founding of the Alibaba Group.
  • The book shows the growth of the company from the inside, with the ideas and secrets that are part of the life of the company and its creator.
  • Luca Caioli “Cristiano Ronaldo. Obsessed with perfection”.
  • John Kavanagh “Conor McGregor. Life without rules”.
  • Oliver Sachs “Strimgolov. History of one life”.
  • Stephen Fry “There is still enough foolishness. Memories”.
  • Richard Feynman “Of course you are kidding, Mr. Feynman!”.
  • Henry Marsh Do No Harm. Stories about life, death and neurosurgery “.
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