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TOP 5 Books for Students Who are Looking for Themselves

Once in a while, you will feel lost. Your social, spiritual, career or personal life feels awfully off the course. Books are excellent pathfinders. Luckily, a lot of authors have written the most incredible books on self-discovery. In the same light, a lot of other authors have provided wishy-washy advice on finding yourself.


Some of the advice you find in these books could be misleading. Instead of helping your course, it causes you to get lost deeper into the wild. Get the best history assignment help to create time to peruse through the books and invigorate your life.

How do you find the best self-discovery books?

  • Look at the author- credible authors will always deliver high-quality content. The life and experiences of an author will help you to judge the content of a book to avoid wasting time on fluff.
  • Who is the publisher? – publishers are proud to deliver the best content because it raises the profile of their brand. Choose books by reputable publishers. You know them by the list of books they have published in the past.
  • Check reviews- reviews come from readers who have interacted with the books you may be targeting for your reading.
  • Endorsements- celebrities and iconic figures provide reading lists once in a while. The lists capture the books they are reading or authors they have interacted with. If the successful people in the world find a book interesting to read, it might also be of help.
  • Read previews- each book has a preview at the back or front. It gives you an idea of the points discussed. It feels like reading the entire book in a few minutes.

Self-discovery books come in different versions. Some take a spiritual approach while others are heavy on habits. You will also find books pushing you out through personal motivation. Choose the line you think will be most beneficial. Here are excellent self-discovery books for students.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has been in one of the most powerful offices in the world. She has a story of rising from a discriminated race to being the First Lady of the United States of America. Through her experiences, you will learn about ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

The touches on her challenges in college and how they shaped her life after. It is also huge on collaboration and building friendships. If you are looking for a positive message and hope in life, this is the title to pick. It is available in hard-cover, audio, and as an e-book.

Educated by Sarah Westover

Do you have a difficult childhood? You will learn a lesson or two from Sarah Westover. She grew up under Mormonist parents who believed in survival. It means that her childhood was not as happy as anyone would expect.

Sarah stepped into school at 17years. Her determination saw her study at Harvard University. Her success did not auger well with the family. It is difficult to walk through life without the support of the people you look up to.

Quiet by Susan Cain

The book targets introverts and people who would love to keep some things to themselves. It is one of the best self-discovery books because it teaches you to be comfortable in your skin. It is written in simple language with very interesting anecdotes to drive the point home.

Self-discovery books will awaken the giant in you. Choose books that respond to the echo created by the void in your life. You should also read books recommended by your ideas since they have shaped them to become what you admire. Luckily, there are numerous titles to fit every motivational need.

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