Some Commonly Overlooked Strength Training Exercises

For the most part, the world of strength training revolves around weights. The general belief is that the more you lift, the better.

It’s a belief system that can work but tends to ignore some intriguing possibilities. So let’s home in on some commonly overlooked strength training exercises.


There’s a good chance you either smiled or laughed outright when you saw this heading, and that’s part of why people have unfairly ignored and overlooked the simple pushup for so long. But using body weight and mass to build strength has been making a comeback in recent years, and while the pushup may have gone out of style, it certainly hasn’t become any less effective.

It’s simple to teach, easy to learn, and you don’t need any equipment to do it. You can build the number of reps you’re doing quickly, which means rapid gains in both strength and muscle mass. Moreover, it’s easy to track your progress with pushups. All these benefits may make you wonder why people ever neglected it in the first place.


Rowing machines used to be a big deal back in the day. But they, too, have gone out of style. This is too bad because rowing is still a great form of exercise that builds strength and can balance out even the best strength training program based on weights.

Rowing machines exist at just about any good gym, and if yours is open, you should take advantage of them. You’ll likely feel surprised at the progress you make, as rowing is one of the commonly overlooked strength training exercises.

Resistance Band Work

Few devices are as simple as the supposedly lowly resistance band, which many people also look down on in strength training. Once again, this is too bad because resistance bands offer many benefits that simple weights can’t.

Their versatility is undeniable. They can strengthen muscle groups that are difficult or even impossible to strengthen using simple weights. You’ll have to do some homework to use them, though. Unlike dumbbells or free weights, resistance bands don’t have a set regimen of exercises, so the best approach is to do some searches, watch some videos and see what resonates with you. You’ll probably be glad you did.

Stall Bars

People often ignore stall bars (also known as Swedish ladders), but they provide much-needed diversity to your exercise routine. With a simple design, the bars enable you to do a multitude of workouts, allowing you to have dynamic and engaging exercise sessions. Learn some ways to leverage your stall bars for strength training at home to get the results you want to see.

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