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Are Online-Only Lectures Helpful?

Nowadays, many colleges and universities in the United States and elsewhere have an online portal that allows interaction between students and the learning institution. Debate is ongoing on whether online learning is advantageous to physical learning that is primarily delivered in physical lecture halls. Given that online learning is cost-effective and provides both students and instructors convenience and flexibility, it stands to reason that online-only lectures are helpful to both parties.


Everybody is looking for convenience in today’s world because of the many pursuits that one may be involved in, such as part-time work. The high cost of living, which includes rising school expenses, has forced many students and college professors to engage in different income-generating activities. Likewise, many people are focused on pursuing their passions or exploiting their skills in various areas of life. As such, online-only lectures provide both students and instructors with the convenience, they need to pursue passions and engage in part-time work.


People are increasingly looking for work or other engagements that allow them some flexibility. Although the need for flexibility may be related to other commitments, such as part-time work or the pursuit of a life-long passion, it may also be because one needs to function outside strict timelines. Unlike physical lecture halls requiring students and professors to be physically present for a particular time, online-only lectures are flexible because one can access them anytime and from anywhere.


One of the principal disadvantages of physical learning is that students and lecturers have to travel from their places of residence to the college compound to interact in the teaching and learning process. Additionally, colleges must make capital investments to ensure that the lecture halls have the requisite resources to facilitate the learning process, such as chairs and sound systems. These arrangements cost money. In contrast, online-only lectures only require students to have a computer and Internet connectivity to participate in the learning process.

The Emergence and Popularity of Writing Centers

With the advancement of virtual learning, many colleges and universities have set up tutoring and learning centers to assist students with challenges in comprehending specific content. One of the advantages of these online academic support centers is that they use graduate students and other professionals as tutors, offering help in essay writing, writing mechanics, idea generation, and organization of ideas. In essence, writing centers complement instructors’ work in the physical lecture halls.

The Benefit of Writing Centers

Since most of the tutoring and writing centers are online, students in need of assistance do not need extra effort to attend physical lecture halls to gain reviews from experts. The most prominent feature of these online portals, such as, is that they offer legit academic support. Moreover, online tutoring and writing centers can take the form of online lecture halls that provide student-centered tutoring, thereby filling the gap left by physical learning.

In summary, the advent of virtual learning has revolutionized learning by creating cost-effectiveness, convenience, and flexibility for both students and college professors. Unlike physical learning that requires students and professors to meet within specified timeframes, online-only lectures allow both parties to engage in other activities and still participate in the teaching and learning process.

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