5 Signs Your Living Room Needs Renovation

Have you been looking at your living room and wondered whether it needs a renovation? Technically, you can always renovate your living room as you feel like it. However, we sometimes get so lost in our daily routines that we don’t notice the forest for all its trees. Besides, a renovation is always a good excuse for some junk removal for which you can hire a team.

You Plan to Sell Your Home

Usually, the kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms that add more value to your home when you intend to sell. But it’s also the case with the living room. It’s a centerpiece of your home and should look as inviting as possible. Surely, you could take advantage of digital staging to make your living room more appealing. However, you’d not get around a renovation anyway.

Thus, you can as well take care of it now and expect a better selling price that’ll be worth tenfold of your renovation. Maybe some new paint will do it, but don’t forget about well-insulated windows either.

If you still have only single or double glazed windows that might be a bit older, you’d surely like to add triple glazed windows. Once you’ve taken care of the windows, you’ll love a junk removal team to come around and take care of your mess. The sooner the junk is out of the way, the faster you can go ahead with painting or new wallpaper.

The Floor is Worn Out

This actually is a screaming sign in any of your rooms, not just the living room. Some wear and tear can add to a particular shabby chic, but it won’t look as amazing in the long run.

Carpet always needs changing every decade or so as it will be worn out by then. It loses its fluff and tuff over time and some stains are hard to remove, too. Just take a glance at your carpet and notice how different it looks in high traffic areas.

Once you practically see a trail in your living room leading from its door to the sofa, it’s about time to change it. If you have a hardwood floor, some wear and tear is unavoidable, too. You can take care of it as much as you want and look out not to dance on it with high heels. You’ll always have wear and tear. Sand it, give it a new finish and you’ll be surprised by its fresh new look.

Before taking care of your floor you’ll have to clear out the entire room though. Isn’t it perfect to do some real decluttering? You can let go of all the items you no longer look at and be able to enjoy your new living room with a completely new vibe after junk removal.

The Paint Chips Off or Your Wallpaper Seems to Come Off

Again, also chipped paint can give your living room a shabby chic appearance which may work with some design ideas.

For the time being you might be able to excuse yourself towards visitors that it’s intentional. But do you really like the looks of it? You probably don’t and feel a bit shabby about it yourself.

Some new paint or trendy wallpapers will provide your living room with a completely different look. Only your imagination limits what you can do with colours and wallpapers.

But also such a renovation project requires you to clear the room. As you’re on it, you may decide on upgrading some furniture along the way. You could ask a junk removal team to haul out what no longer pleases your eye.

No One Uses the Living Room

The living room is the place where we relax and spend endless evenings with our friends. As soon as your living room is somehow not used as a social hub anymore, something must be wrong with it. We usually stay in places where we feel comfortable.

If your living room doesn’t seem to provide that effect anymore, it’s time for a change. You probably don’t want to hang out with friends in the kitchen all the time.

Have a look at your living room and honestly admit to yourself what you don’t like about it. If it’s the old furniture you could consider giving it a new coat of paint or getting rid of it altogether.

Maybe you’d like a new carpet and want to let go of the old smelly and dusty one. New flooring, but also new paint usually does the trick along with some new furniture. Clear out what seems to bother you, get a junk removal to haul out the clutter and start a new chapter.

It’s Small

Living rooms should be the largest places to provide a perfect social hub. These days, open plan concepts are usually used to open up small spaces. Your living room probably doesn’t change its size, but by removing a wall towards the kitchen it can look a lot bigger. Maybe there’s another small room next to your living room that could be used to make it bigger altogether.

Before you start tearing down walls and letting a junk removal team deal with the debris, you should contact a structural engineer. Some walls can’t be torn down without endangering the whole structure of your home.

Parting Words

The times of equipping your living room with small windows are definitely over. The larger your windows, the more light you get in your living room. If it tends to be dark, you may want to upgrade the lights in your living room along with adding larger windows.

Moreover, large windows provide you with a much better glance of your garden. Maybe you’d like to add some bay windows and a cozy seat at the window to read books throughout the day. It may appear like a huge project to change your windows, but it’ll definitely be worth it.

Once the windows are updated, you might also want to change the paint. It just never hurts to think a bit outside the box and let someone else take care of junk removal. It helps you to focus on your upgrades.

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