Safety Rules To Follow at the Playground

Just because a park has security around doesn’t mean it’s safe. Every park administrator who hires security for their park also needs to implement rules for everyone to follow. So as you establish your safety measures, don’t forget to add safety rules to follow at the playground.

Playground Rules for Parents

Not only should park administrators promote better safety rules, but parents should also feel motivated to follow them. It’s essential for every parent to adhere to the playground guidelines and be a good role model for their children and others.

Choose a Park With Safe Surfacing

Parks won’t always have safe surfacing, so parents should look over local parks to find out what flooring they use. Going to a park that uses sand, mulch, or synthetic flooring can prevent more accidents than blacktop or concrete surfaces.

Dress Children Appropriately

Even though flooring’s a big component in preventing injuries, it’s also important to dress children appropriately, especially if it’s cold and rainy. Parents should choose shoes that are right for the floors. For example, boots work better on rubber surfacing than sand. As for sand, parents should wear sandals to not bring any sand home with them.

Only Use Age-Appropriate Play Equipment

If a local park has hardly any play spaces for young children, it’s time to go to a different recreational area. Trying to slide down a big slide or climbing a rock wall won’t end well. So parents should opt for a park that’s appropriate for their children’s age range and skill level.

Playground Rules for Kids

Even as parents remind their children of the playground safety rules, it’s vital to implement easy rules for kids to follow.

Some rules you need to address and stick to when supervising kids on the playground include:

  • Sit on the swings
  • Don’t play on broken equipment
  • No horseplay
  • Take turns

Playground Rules for Schools

Teachers need to be adamant about rules when supervising kids on the school playground. The playground teaches children boundaries, but without restrictions, they won’t know if they’ve crossed a boundary or not.

So when creating a rule sheet for school play areas, consider listing these:

  • No kicking balls on the blacktop
  • Follow game rules
  • Clean up after playing
  • All teachers must keep their phones away

All in all, the best safety rules to follow on the playground start with considering the appropriate age groups. From posting rules around the park to letting schools know, park administrators can make every play area safer.

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