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Spanish Language Dilemma: Why You Should Learn Spanish Instead of French?

Did you know that Spanish is the most spoken language after English, Mandarin, and Hindi? Additionally, in terms of native speakers, Spanish is the second most spoken language globally. If that’s not enough, Spanish is also the third most used language on the internet.

You can tell by now that learning to speak or write Spanish is a good idea for several reasons. You can increase your chances of working from anywhere in the world, meet more people globally, and date outside your own culture.

So, it is no surprise that Spanish is the most obvious choice for the second language to learn for many native English speakers. Especially in the US, Spanish is considered to be a valuable language to go about daily life.

However, you wouldn’t want to be halfway into learning Spanish and then realize that French is your calling.

A Global Language

As mentioned early on in this article, Spanish is one of the most spoken languages on Earth. Spanish is the second most spoken language in terms of native speakers and the third most used language on the internet.

Spanish is also the official language in Spain, Central/South American countries, and Caribbean countries.

It’s a useful language that will come in handy when dealing with Spanish or Latin American firms. It’ll also add a lot of value to your resume and boost your career prospects. Therefore whether you are looking for employment or traveling the world, Spanish is probably the most useful language you can learn.

Easy to Learn

If you are a native English speaker, Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn. The grammar and pronunciation of the language are different from English, but they are more straightforward and consistent. Considering more than 60 percent of all English words have Greek or Latin roots, Spanish is easier because it shares the same origins.

Even with simple grammar, you can communicate a lot. That means you’ll be able to comfortably communicate and express yourself in Spanish even before achieving a higher level of comprehension. The victory of being able to converse and understand is one of the best motivating factors to learn any language.

It is the reason behind the growing popularity of Spanish in education. Students are opting for Spanish as their choice of foreign language. Schools emphasize writing essays as one of the best ways to learn a language. Should you ever face the dilemma of how to write a Spanish essay, there are online platforms to help you with the same.

Helpful in Travel

There are over 500 million people who speak Spanish around the world. That is a whopping 18% of the entire global population. Not only does this make Spanish one of the most spoken languages in the world, but it also happens to be the official language of 21 countries.

The point of these facts and figures is that learning Spanish will make you a better-equipped traveler. There’s no place on Earth where a few people don’t speak Spanish. And in the beautiful Spanish-speaking countries, you will never be at a loss for words. These countries include Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Helpful with Employment

Records have shown that learning Spanish makes people more employable. At this point in this article, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Spanish is one of the UN’s six official languages and the third most preferred media language. Obviously, the importance of Spanish as a business language is hard to contest.

Anyone who speaks or understands Spanish will be at a great advantage career-wise because of the economic growth in many Latin American countries, as well as the influx of native Spanish speakers in countries like the US.

According to The Economist, if you can write and speak Spanish, you can earn $51,000 additional in your life.

These reasons should be enough to convince you to learn Spanish. Not to forget the rich Spanish culture, art, music, cinema, and literature. If you consider traveling to or settling down in any of the Latin American countries, learning Spanish is a must.

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