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5 Places to Host Your Next Corporate Event

Everyone loves to head out of town for a corporate event. Cities like New York and Los Angeles are great, but why not shake things up a bit?

There are plenty of other cities with lots to offer for work trips. Whether your employees want to spend some time in nature or hit the town for drinks, the cities on this list have something for everyone.

These are the best destinations in North America.

1. Seattle

As the home to some of the most important headquarters in the world like Google, Boeing, and Microsoft, it’s not surprising that Seattle has a lot to offer.

Seattle has great entertainment and leisure options. The market at Pike Place is just the starting point.

With several world-class restaurants, Seattle is a foodie’s heaven.

Some of the country’s best wine-growing regions are not too far away and make a great day trip.

There are many hiking opportunities in the nearby national parks. Or you can go on a whale watching tour to see some killer whales.

Lots of hotels in Seattle cater to business events. Here is a list of the best.

No matter what your employees are interested in, Seattle has something for everyone. Which is why it’s no surprise that corporate event planners will suggest this city

2. Las Vegas

It may be stereotypical, but no corporate destination list is complete without Vegas.

No city has more entertainment options than Vegas.

Even for employees who don’t want to hang out in the casino, Vegas has plenty to offer.

Many celebrity chefs have opened restaurants in the city and there are many family-friendly shows and events.

If you want to get adventurous, organize a desert excursion. That’s bound to be something your employees remember.

Vegas is known for catering to corporate events. Hotel rooms tend to be cheap, so it’s the most affordable option on this list.

3. Austin

Austin has become one of the biggest corporate event centers of America. This isn’t surprising since it’s Tesla’s new home.

Every year, the city hosts some of the world’s biggest conferences and events.

It’s known for film festivals and music concerts, but there are plenty of business events as well.

If you want to take your employees out to dinner, there are plenty of authentic Tex-Mex and BBQ restaurants that are perfect for big groups.

For those interested in history, swing by the State Capitol or the LBJ Presidential Library.

If your corporate trip is more than a few days, consider heading into the nearby Hill Country to visit the country’s most unique wine region.

Austin is a destination particularly well-suited for tech companies.

4. Montreal

A trip to Europe is probably outside of your company’s travel budget. But that’s no reason not to add an international destination to your list.

Montreal offers all the flare of France with a distinct Canadian vibe.

As one of the oldest cities in North America, Montreal is rich in history.

In its cafes and boulangeries (traditional French bakeries), you’ll feel just like you’re in Paris.

Your employees will need a passport, but other than that there’s not much hassle involved in crossing the border.

While all hospitality staff will be bilingual, keep in mind that not all French Canadians speak English.

So if you need an excuse to brush up on your high school French, this is the perfect destination.

5. Dallas/Fort Worth

Texas makes it on the list twice with the country’s fastest-growing megaplex.

Dallas and the surrounding area host some of the world’s largest corporate conferences. The city is also home to many international corporations.

Thanks to the hit TV show, Dallas is known for big business and cowboys.

For fans of the show and everyone else, there are plenty of activities in Dallas.

For a more authentic cowtown experience, head over to Ft. Worth.

Less than an hour away from Dallas, Ft. Worth is a great way for your employees to get a state of authentic Texas.

Both cities have world-renowned BBQ joints perfect for hosting large groups.

Dallas is also home to several professional sports teams if you want to take the staff to a game.


With so many great destinations, it can be hard to pick just one. If you head to any of these, you’re guaranteed a memorable corporate trip.

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