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Is Balayage Right for Me and How Do I Maintain It?

How Do You Maintain Your Balayage?

Balayage hairstyles look natural and sun-kissed and are very popular on Instagram. Additionally, this hair hue is fashionable and very common among many celebrities. Hair dyes weaken the strands, and knowing how to maintain your balayage at home will save you the cost of visiting the stylist weekly or monthly.

The good thing about balayage is that it is low maintenance, and you can do it yourself. You also don’t need weekly or monthly maintenance because one wash and treatment last a long time. Besides, since the hair grows naturally, you will not get a regrowth line, which is why most people go to the salon.

1. How Do You Maintain Ash Blonde Balayage

People with brass, yellow shades in ash blonde hair should use purple shampoo. This shampoo protects the stunning platinum shade so that you will enjoy the hair hue for longer. Besides, the purple shampoo is safe to use for all balayage shades because even on the color wheel, the yellow and purple colors are on the opposite sides, so they won’t interact.

Ask your stylist to advise on the best products for maintaining this hair hue. The product should brighten the hair and strengthen the strands—besides, choose products with natural nutrients to keep your hair healthy.

2. The Best Ways to Maintain Balayage On Black Hair

When choosing balayage, ensure you choose one that requires the least maintenance. For example, the brown or light brown hues are perfect for your hair. Also, if your hair is in shade 1, whether black or brown, go for shades 4 or 5 of the balayage. However, these shades are more expensive, so you have to budget accordingly.

Also, balayage is easy to get and maintain hair color because the stylist uses natural hair color as the base when dyeing. However, it is more complicated to dye black hair blonde. Worst enough, you might require over three salon visits for your hair to achieve the desired color. You will also go through a similarly long process during the touch-up processes.

3. Maintaining Caramel Balayage

The caramel balayage suits people with dark hair because it is closer to the dark shades. Besides, the hair hue is easier to maintain. Once you get the caramel balayage, your go-to shampoo should be the blue shampoo. Besides, this is evident on the color wheel because, according to color theory, blue colors correct the brassy orange tones and do not cause bleaches. Similarly, they add some shine and brighten the hair.

When getting a shampoo and conditioner for this hair hue, ensure you get a product that will not bleach your dye. The products should also be friendly with a brunette and blonde hair.

4. How Do You Maintain Your Chocolate Brown Balayage

Whenever you have a brown balayage, your go-to shampoo should be blue. It keeps the hair healthy and lengthens the longevity of the hair color. The best shampoo and conditioner for a chocolate brown balayage are similar to those used on brown hair because this is a similar shade. The blue pigments are safe on brown because they give the hair hue a natural look and feel. Besides, it maintains moisture in the hair.

5. Maintain Your Red Balayage

Red hair tones are best maintained by not washing the hair. However, people who feel they must wash their hair should alternate the wash products. For example, avoid washing the hair using two products consecutively. To be safe, shampoo and condition it today and use conditioner only the next day.

The best products for this shade should be a shampoo and a conditioner that extends the hair’s life and adds vibrancy. Avoiding washing the hair also helps the color last a little longer because there is nothing to wash it away. Also, when choosing the red dyes, be careful with the components of the dye and the manufacturer. Buying low-quality and cheap dyes can lead to great hair damage or get other colors that are not red after the dyeing process. Hire also a professional to dye the hair for you.

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