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Guide on How to Choose the Best Outdoor Curtains

The trend of making a portion of the yard into a well-designed living room is high this year. Most people spend most of their leisure time in their garden sitting space because this is the place where they are close to nature. So the setup must be appealing, and that fills the pleasure inside you.

Curtains in the garden setup look elegant therefore everyone is adopting this idea. But most people make mistakes in selecting the outdoor curtains. They pick the same fabric for outdoor drapes that are used indoors. As a result, instead of enhancing the beauty of your garden, they create problems for you.

The comfort and enchantment of your garden increase only when you choose the best outdoor curtains specially designed for this purpose.

Why do you want curtains in the outdoor setup?

Before going toward the buying guide, ask yourself why are you installing curtains? This will help you to buy the product that perfectly fits you.

  • To prevent the entry of sunlight.
  • Privacy concerns.
  • To enhance the mood or for giving the outdoor setup a trendy look.
  • To limit the light attracting bugs or insects.

Guidelines for selecting the best outdoor curtains

Types of Fabrics

The fabrics used indoors are sensitive and fade quickly with slight exposure to the sun. For outdoor decoration, the fabric of the drapes must be resistant and withstand the harsh outside environment. Therefore, special fabrics are synthesized that are highly durable and resistant. These synthetic fabrics are olefin, acrylic, and polyester blend.


Olefin is the most resistant synthetic fabric manufactured from the byproduct of petroleum. Its water-resistant nature makes it the best choice for outdoor upholstery. If your region receives high rainfall, you should select olefin for your outdoor curtain.

This fabric does not absorb water and dry quickly, so it does not create a burden on the rails. Along with this, Olefin is UV resistant and does not fade in intense sunlight this makes it a highly durable fabric. Its composition does not contain any anti-microbial agent, but it can resist mold and mildew. Hence it is an environmentally friendly fabric.


Another quality fabric for outdoor space is acrylics which are also resistant to water. The main advantage of having acrylic drapes is that it is available in solid color and stripes.

Its vibrant color makes your garden more attractive, and it does not fade.

For making it resistant certain chemicals are added, so most people prefer olefin over acrylic fabrics.


You can also use polyester blends as a pergola, pavilion and gazebos drape. This blended fabric is water-resistant and dries fast. The polyester blend fabric is so cheap you can update your outdoor polyester curtains every year.

Trend of Curtain

Before choosing the design, think of outdoor curtain ideas, whether you want a vintage-themed garden or give it a romantic look.

If you have antique furniture in your garden, you should select architectural-style curtains. It will give your house a historic appearance.

Curtain Color

There are a great variety of colors or outdoor patio curtain ideas available in the market. It is up to you what you like most. Only black curtains are not suggested for the outdoor setup because they absorb heat. Black or other darker color curtains increase the temperature inside the garden’s house. Dark-colored furniture covered with light color curtains gives an elegant look.

If the function of the curtain is to limit the bug from getting inside at night, then dark color fabric will work best.

Curtain size

Before making the purchase, measure the size of your outdoor window, setup, or panel. Too large or too small curtains may waste your money. It is also necessary to think about the purpose of these curtains. If you are installing it for beautification purposes or for blocking sunlight then prefer long curtains.

Things also need to remember

There are two main factors you should keep in mind while buying curtains. Whether it will block sunlight and if it provides privacy. As these are the two major concerns due to which we install curtains in outer space, let us discuss them in detail.

Block Sunlight

In the outdoor space, the tanning sunlight may spoil anyone’s mood. So the elegant and peaceful outdoor setup must be free from sun interaction. You can only prevent sunlight by installing heavyweight drapes. Outdoor curtain sheer does not do this job, so do not take it as an option.

Dark color curtains may block the sunlight, but they may raise the temperature, so select the heavy fabric for this purpose.


I think every space inside the house should have some privacy. Your thoughts may deviate from mine. But if you also want to privatize the space, do not use sheer curtains. Instead, olefin, acrylic, and polyester drapes are a good option.

Be careful while choosing the outdoor curtains, and always check the denier rating because it will tell you about the strength of the fabrics.

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