The Pros and Cons of Outward Swinging Doors

In various tropical climates, you may notice that doors swing outward. It’s not common in the north, but in the south, particularly in Florida, doors swing out for a reason. They protect the interior from severe weather and improve security. As you learn more about why many doors swing toward the outside, find out the pros and cons of outward swinging doors.

Pros of External Swinging Doors

While looking into the best door styles, you’ll come across many pros and cons lists. As you select and customize your entryway, you need to know if the exterior swinging door is right for you.

Pro: Difficult To Break Down

Entryways that open out have many pros. The first advantage is that the door itself is difficult to break down. Although it can create severe problems in emergencies, it adds value to security features.

A door that swings outward makes it difficult for intruders to break down, as many would assume the entrances sway inward. When installed, the hinges create a force that prevents a door from being forced to swing further inside.

Pro: Saves Floor Space

The other advantage you’re looking to have with your new door is the enhanced space in rooms. With the door swinging outward, the floorplan becomes more open, and you no longer need to worry about the door hitting you in the face while letting your pet out.

Cons of Exterior Swinging Doors

Right after the advantages, you also have the cons to consider when reviewing the pros and cons of having an exterior swinging door. Now that you have your dose of benefits, here’s where you need to draw the line.

Con: Hinges Are Exposed

Have you noticed the metal inserts that fasten a door onto its frame? Those pivots play a vital role in keeping a door secured. However, on an external swinging door, hinges become exposed, which results in intruders having a better chance of entering your home. Even if outward swinging doors are harder to break down, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect.

Luckily, there is a way to prevent this from happening. Once you’ve chosen your door, install security hinges that prevent trespassers from unscrewing your door. Additionally, stainless steel security joints make the door stronger and won’t corrode.

Con: Can Block Hallways

The other thing that happens is that the door blocks hallways, even if you install the door inside. Using an entryway that opens out can create issues with space and create more blocks.

Instead of installing the door on the interior, consider mounting it near the patio or a balcony to avoid blocking hallways inside your home.

While reviewing your options, this list helps you understand what to know before installing a door that swings out. As you enhance your home, make sure your door sways the way you want before placing it on your house.

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