Interesting Facts About Manufacturing You Didn’t Know

Manufacturing is a process that plays a massive role in our economy and our everyday lives. Everywhere we look, we see manufactured goods. Our grocery store shelves are full of items made in a factory. The cars we drive come from an assembly line.

But do you know what goes into making all those things? These are some interesting facts about manufacturing that you may not have known.

More Than 12.5 Million Manufacturing Employees in the United States

Manufacturing is a vital part of the American economy, and it employs a lot of people. There are more than 12.5 million manufacturing employees in the United States, and they produce a wide range of products.

More than $2 trillion worth of goods are manufactured in the United States each year, and the industry accounts for 12 percent of the country’s GDP.

Manufacturers Consume More Than 30 Percent of the Country’s Energy

Manufacturing is a very energy-intensive industry. Factories consume more than 30 percent of the country’s energy, accounting for more than 25 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions.

There are innovations in the industry that help reduce energy consumption, but more work needs to evolve.

Most Manufacturing Firms Are Small Businesses

Most manufacturers in the United States are small businesses. More than 97 percent of all manufacturers have fewer than 500 employees, and they account for more than half of the manufacturing jobs in the country.

Manufacturing Is a Technology-Driven Industry

Manufacturing is a technology-driven industry, and it has been for many years. More than two-thirds of the patents granted in the United States are for inventions developed for use in the manufacturing sector.

Machines like 3D printers and metal grinders have revolutionized the industry, constantly developing innovations. Manufacturers who need metal grinding technology should try to find the right metal grinder for their business.

Manufacturing Would Be the Eighth-Largest Economy in the World

If the manufacturing sector were its own country, it would be the eighth-largest economy globally. It would have a GDP of more than $2 trillion and employ more than 30 million people.

These interesting facts about manufacturing showcase the many important facets of the industry. The next time you’re at the store, look at the items you’re buying and think about the process that made them.

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