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Is Henry Cavill Set to Star in a Highlander Reboot?

In the age of reboots of classic movies, there has often been talk of whether Highlander would be making a return. Recently, it was confirmed that Henry Cavill would be playing the lead character, Conor MacLeod, in a modern remake of the 1986 action-adventure. The Witcher star has shown his prowess with a sword, and he could fit perfectly as the iconic Highlander.

The fact that Highlander’s legacy still lives on in the entertainment sector shows that there’s a big market there for a potential reboot. The new film could be a big hit and reinvigorate the franchise.

Highlander Legacy Lives on in Highland Reels

Despite being first released more than 35 years ago, the legend of Highlander still lives on in the entertainment industry today. Its influence is clear in games like Highland Reels Jackpot, which is one of the slots available at popular online bingo sites. The game features many of the same themes as the Russell Mulcahy picture and will stir up fond memories of that iconic offering.

Titles like this have helped bingo sites branch out and attract a wider demographic in the digital era. In the past, the pastime mainly attracted women, but more men are logging onto these sites now thanks to the emergence of games like this, inspired by notable TV shows and movies. Undoubtedly, the popularity of Highland Reels Jackpot also highlights how there is an audience out there keen to see more Highlander content, suggesting that a reboot could be successful.

Cavill Knows his Way Around a Sword

If the rumors are true, Cavill would be the perfect option to play the protagonist in a Highlander reboot. He became a household name playing Superman in DC Films’ Man of Steel and then appeared in other films across the franchise. However, it was his role as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher that endeared a huge audience of fantasy fans to the British actor.

The same type of people who enjoy the Witcher series on Netflix would also be hungry for a Highlander reboot. Most people wouldn’t be disappointed to see Cavill in the main role, as he has experience as a sword-wielding hero. Nonetheless, some people may be concerned that this could affect Cavill’s position in The Witcher series. Many people want this to be his focus now so that there aren’t long waiting times between the seasons.  

Could Reinvigorate the Franchise

A Highlander reboot could lead to a brand-new franchise that’s more successful in the modern age. When the movie was first released, it only grossed $12 million worldwide against a $19 million budget. Despite being a flop, it went on to be a cult hit. Now that more people are aware of the movie and its themes, it should attract a greater number of viewers if it is rebooted.

Highlander would also benefit from the cross-platform franchise model that is so popular today. If it was represented in more slot games and mobile apps, it would reach a wider audience.

It does seem as though Highlander could be getting rebooted soon, and Cavill is the perfect choice for the part. Released to modern audiences who already know its themes, the new offering could be an unprecedented hit.

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