How to Perform an Erotic Striptease

Some sexual acts have transcended from just an ordinary erotic act into an art. Striptease is one of those sexual acts that have transcended. It’s impossible for you to enjoy or give the best striptease without having the feeling of it going across just going naked. No, striptease is more than just going naked. Some cam models are such that they have mastered the art and it has now become one of their fortes. There’s no such thing as striptease without you being surprised at how well they understood the entirety of stripping. So, if anything, note that striptease is an art.

What is a striptease?

In simple terms, a striptease is an act by which a person erotically removes their clothes slowly, piece by piece. A striptease is a slow form of sexual dance that has the capacity of compelling arousal. Cam models on live girls’ cam perform a striptease to slow, yet erotic music in their private shows. So, if you want a practical definition of what a striptease is, you should visit one of the shows. It is worth noting that you don’t have to be an exotic dance before you can engage in striptease with your partner or just yourself from the mirror. It’s as simple as just putting on a cloth and carefully taking it off while you move to the beat, swaying your hips left and right.

How to perform a striptease in four easy steps

If you are planning on performing a striptease and you don’t know how to go about it, you should pay rapt attention here. As mentioned earlier, striptease is an art, so, the extent to which your striptease would arouse your partner will depend on the extent of your imagination. How far wild and sexual can you think? What’s your level of sexual improvisation?

Choose your desired costume:

As mentioned earlier, a striptease would feature an erotic look and move. So, it’s important that you choose the right costume for the occasion. It is a form of foreplay, and you shouldn’t dress for a striptease as though you are going for an interview. You should have your provocative on. However, you should note that the more you keep your partner anticipated, the more the tension in the room. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t wear a too-hard to remove apparel because you want to build anticipation. You can put on a pant-hose and your bra. Depending on the theme of the foreplay.

Have a separate playlist:

Another important fact to note about striptease is you need to have a playlist dedicated to this mood alone. A striptease would naturally feature slow and sensual songs playing from the decks. So, ensure you have those songs lined up in the playlist. Also, you aren’t in the club, the song shouldn’t be so loud that you can’t hear what the other person is saying. Take your time, move with the beats of the song, and improvise when necessary. The floor is yours, don’t be too quick to get it over with, you have all the time you need. It’s your striptease, you call the shots and you should take charge of the atmosphere. Do you!!!

Don’t forget eye contact:

This is one of the most important factors to note when performing a striptease. On no occasion should you allow them to break eye contact with you. Keep them anticipating your every move and keep them focused on you. Keeping eye contact helps to establish more tension in the room and it keeps them guessing your every next move. Most live girls’ cam sessions with striptease feature the cam girl building connection with her audience via eye contact. Keeping eye contact will help communicate and tease your audience at the same time. So, ensure you have them glued to you and you glued to them.

Take it slowly:

It’s your striptease; you should take your time! Irrespective of whether your audience is paying you per minute to striptease, you shouldn’t jump the gun. Take it one step at a time and be professional about it. Striptease is better when it’s slow and erotic, rather than fast and furious. You don’t have to be anxious; you are calling the shots! Leave the anxiety to your audience while you focus on slowly amusing them. A striptease done excellently and erotically will cause your audience to tip more. You will be surprised that they will be willing to come for more private striptease shows during your private sessions. So, take it slowly!!! It’s one of the reasons stripteases is regarded as an art! Let your imagination do the most of the teasing.

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