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8 Things Travelers Must Never Do in NYC

For first-time visitors, the Big Apple can be overwhelming.

With many tourist attractions, luscious food, and amazing nightlife, the city has so much to offer you. After all, NYC is not called The City That Never Sleeps for no reason.

There are several guides and itineraries on the internet to help travelers know what to do in the city. However, knowing what not to do is also essential for a trouble-free vacation.

Here are 8 things travelers must never do in NYC.

1. Don’t Attempt Driving In The City

NYC’s roads are so jam-packed that even locals prefer the subway over driving. Therefore, for a first-time visitor driving without a clue about the city can become a tale of nightmares.

Public transport is perfect for travelers. Otherwise, just wear a good pair of walking shoes and let your feet take you places. When necessary, you can book an Uber ride. Avoid rush hours for booking cabs if you’re looking to save money.

2. Don’t Rely On Cards

Despite being ultra-modern, New York is surprisingly old-fashioned when it comes to bill payments. You might have done just fine with your credit card all around the world, but in NYC you gotta carry hard cash.

Some stores in the city accept payments only in cash. So, don’t expect to manage by swiping your card.

Sure, you can spot an ATM easily, but the withdrawal charges make us say “Umm, no thanks.”

3. Don’t Limit Yourself To Chain Restaurants

What’s the point of visiting a new place if you’re going to dine at the chain restaurants you can spot in your homeland?

New York has amazing small restaurants that serve various cuisines. Some of them charge very less compared to hi-fi chain restaurants. You get novelty and you get savings. Win-win!!

4. Don’t Pay For Everything

When planning your trip, learn about the free activities available in the city (there are plenty of them). Several museums and art galleries either do not charge anything or work on a pay-as-you-wish model. You can also get attraction passes.

The city is expensive. So, there’s no harm in saving money. But remember to leave at least 20% tip at restaurants and lounges.

5. Don’t Use Your Phone In The Memorial Museum

The 9/11 Memorial Museum is open to the public, but check out the regulations before you visit.

Though you’re allowed to bring your phone and camera, photography is strictly banned in historical and memorial exhibitions.

The experience can be emotional for many visitors. So, stick to the rules without being a jerk.

6. Don’t Block The Sidewalk

As mentioned before, the city is tightly packed, yep, even the sidewalks. No one is allowed to stop or stand on the sidewalk and you may be even given a ticket for doing so.

Don’t trouble fellow pedestrians. Don’t text while you walk because it slows down not only you but also the ones walking behind you.

7. Don’t Refrain From Asking For Directions And Recommendations

Locals would know the city better than visitors. New Yorkers may come by as rude, but don’t let that fool you. They’re friendly and won’t mind giving you directions.

You can also ask them for food recommendations and a lot more.

8. Don’t Be Scammed

New York is one of the most traveled cities. It is also well known for hustlers on the lookout for easy money.

Keep your cash and valuables out of the reach of pickpockets. Don’t talk to street vendors as they might take it as a chance to sell you something overpriced.

You might be worried about the safety of your online order deliveries in a city like New York. You can look up ‘package receiving service NYC‘ and find a trustworthy store from where you can pick up your deliveries instead.

If you’re facing any trouble in the city, don’t hesitate to call the authorities.

New York is a city anyone would fall in love with. Following these tips can make your NYC trip safer. Happy traveling!!

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