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Why Pearl Lemon Boba is the Best for Your Late Afternoon Cravings

After a meeting with a client, you realize that you have not munched on anything as yet. This is when you might order yourself a snack. Or do you feel that a glass of shake or smoothie would do some justice? But if you still crave tea, Bubble Tea is not a bad option. Ordering a Pearl Lemon Boba while in London or Fulham is a great option to bring in the best of all worlds. The Pearl Lemon Café is already garnering attention for being the go-to spot for coffee and teas. What makes this Boba tea so great for you?

Decoding the Yummy Bubble Tea

We are way past the regular milk tea, hot black tea, or even Earl Grey! Everyone is now up for innovative drinks. So, we went to Taiwan and came up with Bubble tea. This drink has been around since the 80s precisely! Yes, that’s how old the drink has been, but we in London and the rest of the world are just waking up to this magic drink that is more than a watery tea! What does it contain, and why is it so special?

Each cup of Bubble tea is made with accompaniments such as strawberries, cookies, cream, honeydew, or even Taro. The tapioca balls or the very chewy fun-filled boba pearls are there for you to gobble up and fill your tummy. It makes the drink tasty and more wholesome than whatever you can imagine.

For the Health Conscious Folks

Another prime reason for high-tea lovers to go for Bubble tea is because of the health aspects it covers. You will not get a tea that was made earlier. Each glass will be made on demand, with the freshest milk if you like it that way. Sugar is optional, as always. The boba pearls are made from tapioca, and they are vegan only, thereby becoming a must-have for everyone safely.

What about the calories? The calorie count from the Tapioca pearls will be around 100 calories for every one-fourth of a cup. The other calories will be from the sugar you add to this tea. Drink the bubble tea and munch on the bubbles, aka the pearls. They do not have any extra nutritional value but are a great snacking option. Many people may add milk or not, and some may even prefer taking the untrodden path by adding fruit juices to this mix.

Bubble tea is so popular because the drink is a perfect blend of a snacking item and a tea. You may use a jumbo straw or a sipper glass for drinking on it.

Today, people in and around London have developed this craving for Bubble Tea and how! They are aware of how it fills them with glee and can cover up for their late afternoon snacking too.

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