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Achieving the Size You Want With Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement refers to a surgical procedure a person undergoes to alter the shape or size of their breasts. This can be a reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy or boost confidence and appeal. Breasts are an essential part of sensuality for so many women. However, some women are often dissatisfied with their breast size or cleavage. Achieving the perfect breast size is most women’s dream. With medical advancements, you can now fashion your body into what you want it to be. To achieve your desired perfect breast size, see a specialist who will guide you accordingly.

Types of Breast Enlargement Procedures

There are two types of breast enlargement processes.

  • Implants
  • Fat transfers


There is a wide range of implants. Saline implants comprise sterile saline or salt water that the body absorbs if they break or rupture. Silicone implants are made of silicone gel that requires a regular check-up by the surgeon to ensure they do not break and leak into your body. Form-stable implants are made of firmer silicone gel and maintain their shape even if the shell breaks. Round implants make the breasts look rounder and do not change shape even when they rotate.

Fat Transfers

This process involves using liposuction to draw fat from one area of the body and implant it into the breasts. Fat transfer breast enlargement is ideal for people who need only a small breast adjustment. Fat can be drawn from the belly, back, thighs, or abdomen, condensed, and implanted into the breast area.

Why People Enhance their Breasts

For most people, it boosts confidence or feels more beautiful in one’s skin. However, it is often to make the breasts more symmetrical or increase breast size after breastfeeding.

What to Consider When Going for Breast Implant Surgery

Here are a few things to consider when going for a breast implant surgery:

Consider Your Body Frame

Your body frame will determine the outcome of your breast implant. If you are going for a natural look, ensure the enhancement matches the structure of your body. Tall huge women will do well with larger implants than short, petite women. Choosing the appropriate enhancement will also eliminate the back pains associated with imbalanced implants. Understand your body size and weight and potential weight gain to ensure the implants remain balanced over a long time.

Factor in Your Lifestyle

You can still lead an active life after a breast implant. However, larger implants might make it more difficult to play sports or participate in vigorous activities. Too much pressure might lead to dislocation or rupture, requiring another surgical procedure. The implants might also affect your dress code and personal style. Ensure your enhancements match your unique fashion sense, workplace dress code requirement, or other factors. If you are a reserved person, you might want implants that will not attract attention.

Learn the Difference Between Breast Size and Cup Size

The breast implants and cup sizes are measured differently. You can gain up to one and a half cup size by getting 150-200 cubic centimeter implants. However, different bra companies have different measurements, which might cause disparity. After the implant, you can find a brand that fits your new breast perfectly and stick to that. Different countries also measure cup sizes differently. Focus more on the breast size you want rather than the bra cup size.

Keep the Future in Mind

Most implants last between five to twenty years before they need replacement. Think about your financial and life plans before you make a decision. If the future seems to accommodate your professional and personal enhancements, go for it. You might also put some money aside so that when the time comes, you are not stranded.

Fit Before Surgery

Your doctor can use computer simulations to show you precisely what you would look like after an enhancement. The 3D projections help you adjust the size until you attain your perfect size. This does not guarantee a hundred percent outcome, but it gives you a rough idea.

Preparing for Breast Implant Surgery

While preparing for the procedure, the doctor will take a blood sample to certify proper hemoglobin levels and white blood cells. You might also be required to quit smoking and stop consuming particular food and beverages.

The doctor might prescribe medication to prepare you for the surgery. It might be necessary to stop or avoid anti-inflammatory drugs, which could increase bleeding. Find a person to take you home after the surgery. Adhere to the instructions for a smooth recovery. Take pain medication and any ointment recommended by the surgeon. Wear loose, comfortable clothes until you have completely healed.

Possible Side Effects of Breast Implant Surgery

Usually, there are no dire complications if the procedure is done by a professional. Soreness and sensitivity around the nipple area are common effects. Bruising, swelling, and bleeding are expected even though they are not detrimental. An infection could occur if you do not take good post-surgical care, and the implant could rupture if subjected to pressure. Have a regular check-up, especially the first few months after surgery, so any effects can be detected and curbed early.

Finding the Right Surgeon

Inquire widely and research extensively if you consider a breast implant procedure. Ask for certification and photos of previous procedures. Talk about your fears and reasons for wanting the procedure and seek advice on what you need to do. Ensure your surgeon engages you throughout the process. Share any history of allergies or allergic reactions to medications to avoid unusual complications during the surgery. You must consult your doctor or gynecologist about your desire to procure a breast implant procedure. In liaison with your surgeon, they will ensure you get the best service and care.

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