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4 Proven Ways To Grow Your Instagram Blog In 2022

Some people are still convinced that bloggers are people who have achieved success without putting any effort into this process. However, this is an erroneous opinion, and if you have read an article about social media marketing at least once, you probably know about a lot of problems that both beginners and well-known influential people can face. This is due to the fact that social platforms are developing rapidly, and it becomes more difficult to stand out among the crowd every day.

Now it’s not enough to know about the importance of lighting in photography and regularly post selfies. Instagram is now a powerful marketing tool that is used by millions of people around the world to achieve the desired goal, whether it is to increase income or gain fame. Today, to become a successful creator, you need to possess a lot of knowledge and be able to use it in practice. In the article we will talk about 2 paid (targeted advertising and the opportunity to buy Instagram followers) and 2 free (cross-promotion, cooperation with bloggers) ways to become more visible on the platform and expand the fanbase.

Targeted advertising

In 2015, the developers of the application introduced a new feature that allowed the authors of the pages to place ads aimed at the target audience. Influencers have never had such an opportunity before, and they had to spend months for potential subscribers to notice their creativity and pay attention to the published content. However, in 2022 this is a reality – you can independently choose which segment of the audience your ads will be shown to.

At the same time, you do not necessarily need to have certain knowledge in the field of advertising – it is enough to create a charming and stylish layout, as well as use some part of the budget to pay for the service. This is a quick way to grow viewers and take the page to a new level. But it is not the simplest and most effective. Keep reading!

Buying followers

This is the easiest way to expand your fanbase and become more visible on the platform. Literally everyone uses the opportunity to buy real instagram followers – both novice bloggers and well-known influential people (those who are often considered media celebrities). The purchase allows you to solve a lot of problems: you instantly become more competitive, the page looks presentable, potential subscribers pay attention to you more often, and account statistics are noticeably improved.

It may seem impossible, but in fact it is the reality of our time. In order to get all these benefits, you need to allocate only a few tens of dollars and choose a trusted company. We recommend choosing the service wisely – take some time to study the reviews about the company and read the reviews of previous instagrammers. This will help you make sure that the company is honest and you will not lose money.


There is no doubt that the majority of active users of social networks have both accounts as a minimum on several resources. You, as an author, can use this to your advantage – post a few successful posts (which you like the most) on other social networks and attach a link to a new page. Notify your readers that you have started blogging on another platform where a lot of unique content will be published.

Your goal is to warm up the interest of the audience so that they are interested in the page and want to follow the link. You can use a little trick that thousands of other blog authors use – promise them great bonuses (a useful wish list or guide) for subscribing. This way you can quickly get a certain amount of loyal audience that will support you.

Cooperation with bloggers

Many newcomers think that collaborating with other authors requires huge monetary costs, and they cannot afford it. But in fact, many authors are interested in creating joint content on mutually beneficial terms. What does it mean? If you already have a certain number of followers (at least several hundred) and you create high-quality content, then you can take advantage of all the advantages of collaborations.

To do this, select a suitable influencer and write him a message with a proposal to create guest posts to promote the pages. But make sure that your statistics match, and the posts are written on similar topics. In this case, it can be effective – you will exchange the audience with each other and become more famous. Try it!

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